Commercial Sealcoating in Atlanta

Commercial spaces rely on high-quality paving for aesthetics and function. The quality of your asphalt reflects on the quality of your business—a beautiful parking lot and property will encourage customers to stop at your location and trust you with their needs. Whether you are opening a new location or looking to update or upgrade an existing property, Blackjack Paving offers a commercial sealcoating and paving solution in Atlanta for you. We can help your property make the best impression possible with our high-quality asphalt paving, sealcoating, and striping in the Atlanta area.

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Tips for Designing Your Parking Lot

Before you can schedule asphalt paving services for a new property, you’ll need to design your parking lot. Well-designed access and parking will improve your business by ensuring customers and clients can easily reach your property and navigate your parking area.

  • Consider the number of vehicles you wish to accommodate at one time, as well as their average size. While smaller spaces can increase the capacity of your parking lot, rows and spaces that are too narrow can cause difficulty for delivery companies or customers with larger vehicles.
  • The number of street access points your parking lot includes will also play a role in the flow of this space. If there is only one street access point, you’ll need to consider the movement of cars as they enter and exit your lot; multiple access points gives you more freedom to direct traffic inside your parking lot in either a one-way or two-way fashion.
  • The nature of your business and your building can also play a part in your parking lot design. If you will have vehicles pull up near your entryways, you’ll likely also need a wider lane directly in front of your building to accommodate loading and unloading vehicles, as well as parking lot traffic.

Is it Time to Sealcoat Your Property?

Time, weather, and wear can be hard on paved areas and parking lots. Sealcoating your property is a smart and simple move that will instantly improve curb appeal, safety, and both client and employee satisfaction. You can get a free sealcoating estimate in Atlanta by calling Blackjack Paving today at (678) 364-9696.

  • Small cracks can often be solved with asphalt repair, but very large or extensive networks of cracks may be best addressed with new paving.
  • Deep ruts or wheel tracks caused by heavy vehicles or frequent traffic are a sign that your parking lot or access areas should be repaved.
  • Breakdown of your previous asphalt is characterized by widespread damage, including potholes, worn or rutted areas, cracking, and other signs of deterioration. The best solution for this condition is new paving for a clean slate.

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