• Spotlight on the Safety Advantages of Wheel Stops

    Quality paving in Atlanta is about safety as well as aesthetic appeal, and wheel stops can add to both . If you’re not paying as much attention as you should be when pulling into a parking space, a wheel stop will alert you when you’ve reached the edge. This helps for spaces that face each other and spaces that face your building. Paint striping can guide drivers, but wheel stops are physical obstacles that can be painted to catch your attention. Keep reading for some of the safety advantages of wheel stops.

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    Protecting the Building

    Can you imagine stocking a shelf while working at a retail store and seeing a car come through the window next to you? This is one of the problems that wheel stops can prevent, which is why it doesn’t happen too often. We sometimes forget how large and powerful our vehicles are. You don’t need to be going very fast to drive right through a window, so if you’re pulling up to a spot and your brakes suddenly go out, a wheel stop might save the day. This protects the building and anyone inside it as well as the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

    Reducing Car Collisions

    Parking lot driving rules aren’t necessarily the same as the rules on the road, so it helps to have a way to keep people organized. Wheel stops help guide drivers so they can navigate through the lot easily. This can make quite the difference during the holidays and other busy shopping seasons. Wheel stops truly shine when it comes to parking spaces that face each other. If you like to pull through a parking space to get yourself into the other lane without having to back into a spot, you’ll think twice if you know there’s a wheel stop, which helps to avoid head-on collisions.

    Adding Noticeable Obstacles

    Wheel stops are customizable, so you can make them as noticeable as possible. Paint them in bright colors or with black and yellow stripes so drivers notice them and adhere to them while they’re in your parking lot.