Don’t Let Wet Weather Wreck Your Pavement

Just like the roof of your building, your surface paving in Atlanta will be exposed to the elements all the time. Sun and rain can both take a toll on your paving, and not just on its aesthetics. Worn out pavement is more likely to crack, and it can cause problems with your drainage as well. A broken-down parking lot with drainage problems means safety hazards for anyone who walks over your parking lot. Fortunately, there is something you can do to protect your asphalt from precipitation and ultraviolet rays all year long. Continue reading and never let the weather wreck your pavement again.

The solution to protecting your pavement from the weather is sealcoating. You might think that you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your asphalt, but the reality is that the elements can do serious damage to your pavement. Moisture seeps into cracks in the asphalt and then freezes, which expands the cracks and makes them bigger. Weather damage can thin out your asphalt, making it even more vulnerable to damages. Sealcoating protects the pavement from moisture that would build up from rain or maintenance cleaning, and it reduces the damage of UV rays.

Examining the Business Benefits of Parking Lot Repaving

Just like anywhere else, a parking lot in Atlanta won’t hold up forever, especially if it sees too much traffic and not enough maintenance. When you have your paving company repave your parking lot, you can expect to experience a real revival. Your business will look more cosmetically appealing and professional, which gives your brand a better name. Repaving also shows that you care about your customers’ safety, and it helps with drainage after a storm. Read ahead and examine the business benefits of parking lot repaving more closely.

Professional Appearance

When you lay out your business model, you’re probably not thinking about the connection between your brand and your parking lot. Eventually, you’ll come to understand how important of a consideration it really is. A newly paved lot stands to look cleaner, fresher, and more appealing than one that has been deteriorating for years. This tells passersby that your business cares about its appearance and is willing to put in the time and do the work to keep the property looking great. It also shows that you care about contributing to the curb appeal of other businesses in your area, and it sets a high standard at the same time.

Customer Safety

An old parking lot that’s suffered from years of exposure to the elements may be cracked and riddled with potholes. This is not a safe surface for people to drive or even walk on, which means it puts your customers in danger when they offer you their patronage. Repaving your lot does away with these problems, and it shows your customers that you care about their safety. It can also protect you from a potential lawsuit, as it minimizes the chances of injury on your property.

Enhanced Drainage

Exposure to water is bad for asphalt, but in most cases, it’s inevitable. You need to be able to drain your parking lot, and this is even more important if you have outdoor plants to water or live in a climate that gets heavy rains. Repaving gives you the opportunity to enhance your drainage and keep your asphalt dry.

Why Milling Is a Necessary Part of Paving

Paving serving Atlanta should be safe, attractive, and comfortable, which is why you should always hire a professional asphalt paving company to get the job done. The professionals will also be able to determine when milling is necessary . Milling before paving can help keep the environment safe, and it can offer a more comfortable ride for your customers. Perhaps most importantly, milling makes sure that any damage to your existing pavement is completely repaired. Read on for more on why milling is such a necessary part of the paving process.

Protect the Environment

Going green means more than throwing your soda bottles in the recycling bin. When you go through the milling process before paving, you can put old, used materials back to work. Your concrete contractors will remove a certain amount of asphalt before paving, and then they will collect this material and crush it down. This turns the removed pavement into aggregate. Aggregate can be used in place of virgin materials in new construction and renovation projects, which means it won’t take as much energy to finish the task. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, talk to your asphalt paving professionals about milling.

Enjoy the Ride

If you want to make your commercial property as welcoming as possible, a smooth new parking lot can go a long way. When you mill before you start your paving project, you can expect to enjoy a smooth asphalt surface. This makes roads more luxurious to drive on and parking lots more comfortable to park in. Milling before paving can keep potholes, cracks, and blemishes out of sidewalks as well, which keeps pedestrians and drivers safer.

Thoroughly Repair Damage

It can often be difficult—or impossible—to bring a concrete structure back to life without repairing existing damage. Milling seeks to remove all of the damaged materials that could affect the project’s structural integrity. When you move onto paving, you can rest assured that the old damage won’t be lying under the new pavement. This leads to better safety on the road and fewer repeat concrete repairs in the future.

Could Your Parking Lot Benefit from Wheel Stops?

When you are creating a new parking lot design for your commercial building, you will want to make sure that the layout of your parking lot provides your clients and employees with a safe and orderly parking experience. A concrete contractor that offers paving serving Atlanta can work with you to create the perfect parking lot for your commercial space. As you are paving your parking lot, you might want to consider incorporating wheel stops into your design. Let’s take a look at three benefits that wheel stops have to offer your parking lot.

Prevent Fender Benders

One of the main purposes of wheel stops is to make sure that drivers do not pull too far into your parking spaces. By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, wheel stops are able to prevent drivers from pulling through a parking space or attempting other risky maneuvers. After you have completed your wheel stop installation, you may notice that the number of fender benders in your parking lot decreases noticeably.

Help Control Traffic

If you run a successful commercial business, there is a good chance that your parking lot is crowded during peak hours of the day. To prevent traffic jams and other incidents in your parking lot, it is a good idea to install wheel stops. Wheel stops will help to guide the flow of traffic, and will prevent drivers from pulling into an oncoming lane or driving against a one-way aisle.

Improve Physical Appearance

Installing wheel stops is one great way to spruce up the overall look of your parking lot. When you work with a paving contractor to choose new wheel stops for your parking lot, you will be able to pick out materials and patterns that look great with your overall lot design. As a customer pulls into your parking lot for the very first time, he or she is sure to be impressed with the orderly look that is provided by your neat rows of wheel stops and pavement stripes.

What Are the Components of a Safe Parking Lot?

parking lot striping, asphalt stripes, asphalt parking lot atlanta A parking lot is more than just a place to leave your car, so you should keep a few factors in mind when building or maintaining yours. A safe parking lot requires smooth paving serving Atlanta ; this will keep both cars and people safe on your property. You should also have your concrete contractor lay down paint striping and wheel stops to keep your lot organized and remove any potential confusion. Feel free to read on if you’d like to learn about the components of a safe parking lot.

Smooth Asphalt

When you are driving or walking through a parking lot, you are probably not giving much consideration to the quality of the paving; you may just assume that the ground is level and even. When you stub your toe or take an awkward step into a pothole, on the other hand, the quality of the asphalt paving may jump to the forefront of your mind. Someone who trips and falls on your property may blame the quality of your parking lot. If the person sustained an injury as a result and you don’t have the right insurance, you could be dealing with a mess. Potholes and other blemishes in the surface of your parking lot can also damage car parts, which can also lead to uncomfortable situations.

Visible Paint Striping

Certain times of year, such as the holiday season, can turn shopping mall parking lots into chaotic nightmares. It is during these times more than ever that people need the guidance of visible paint striping. Each individual parking space should be clearly defined so that incoming and outgoing traffic can both move along in an organized fashion.

Wheel Stops

If you are ever worried about the organization of your parking lot, consider how wheel stops can help. Wheel stops go in between parking lots that face each other, and sometimes they are placed between the parking lot and the curb. They are designed to force the driver to stop at a certain point, which can help prevent car accidents and the injuries that could occur as a result of them.

Learn About the Building Process for Concrete Parking Lots

You probably see concrete parking lots everywhere, but you might never stop to wonder how they get there in the first place. Thanks to companies that specialize in concrete sealing and asphalt paving in Atlanta , we are able to drive across smooth, professionally paved parking lots. Watch this video to learn about the building process for concrete parking lots.

Before beginning the process of asphalt paving, you will need a subgrade to work with; this subgrade should be uniform and compacted to properly hold the cement. Your cement will then be mixed and laid on top of the soil. Once the cement has been laid out, your concrete contractor will outline the parking lot as well as any curbs, manhole covers, and other elements that might be present. The next step is to level the concrete and then dry the surface before coating the entire area with a curing compound.

The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Asphalt

Do you have an asphalt surface outside of your commercial property? To extend the life of it and protect it from the elements, you should consider doing sealcoating in Atlanta. Watch this video to see how sealcoating can be beneficial for you and your business.

When it gets hot during the summertime, the sun’s UV rays will beat down on your asphalt surface and cause it to fade and crack over time. Sealcoating will stop the UV rays from doing damage and maintain the overall integrity of your asphalt. Make sure you work with a paving company that is experienced with sealcoating, and you will not have to worry about running into any problems with your asphalt due to weather conditions. Sealcoating will also help you avoid stains that often set in when oil and gas spill on asphalt surfaces.

The Process of Asphalt Paving

asphalt paving atlanta, paving atlanta, seal coating atlanta If you are in the process of building a parking lot for a commercial property, you should consider using asphalt paving in Atlanta to do it. Hot mix asphalt has become very popular amongst commercial property owners because it’s durable, affordable, and very easy to maintain. By working with an asphalt paving company to install it, you can pave a parking lot quickly and start enjoying the benefits of it right away. Here is how you will need to go about doing asphalt paving.

Remove Old Asphalt or Concrete

Before you can install asphalt and create a new surface, you may be required to remove an old surface. You should work with a paving company that has the experience necessary to remove your old asphalt or concrete. Machinery and laborers will need to work diligently to rip up the old asphalt or concrete, and it will then need to be hauled off and disposed of properly. Or if you don’t already have an old surface in place, you will need to excavate the land the right way to prepare it for asphalt paving.

Prepare a Base for Your New Asphalt Surface

Once you have the area you plan on paving prepared, your paving company will grade it and come up with a drainage solution. You don’t want to allow water to sit on top of an asphalt surface for too long, so grading and drainage are very important. Additionally, your paving company will need to install a base to the area by putting down a combination of filter fabric and aggregate that will sit underneath your asphalt once you install it.

Complete Asphalt Paving

After your base has been laid down, it will be time for your paving company to install your new asphalt for you. Asphalt is installed by using a paving machine. The asphalt will then need to be compacted, leveled, and allowed to sit so that the asphalt cools down and eventually settles. Once it has settled, you will be able to start using your new asphalt surface.

Tips for Choosing a Paving Contractor

atlanta paving, atlanta concrete When you are looking to hire a contractor who specializes in paving, you shouldn’t simply settle for the one who provides you with the lowest price. You want to hire a contractor with the experience and knowledge that it takes to successfully pave a new surface outside of your commercial property. Blackjack Paving is a reliable paving company in Atlanta that will meet and exceed all of your paving needs.

Before you hire a contractor to do paving, you should use the Internet to research different paving companies. Select several that provide the services you are looking for and ask them about projects they have done in the past that are similar to yours. Additionally, check to see that they are both licensed and insured to do surface paving. You should also check their references and speak with companies that have worked with them in the past. When you ultimately decide to work with a company like Blackjack Paving, we promise that you will enjoy your paving experience and that you will end up with the paved surface you want at a fair and reasonable price.

Preparing for Parking Lot Installation

blackjack paving, parking lot paving, parking lot concrete Are you getting ready to install a parking lot outside of your commercial property? Before you do any paving in Atlanta , there are steps you will need to take to prepare your property. The first step you should take is to decide exactly where you want to put your parking lot and create a blueprint for it. Think about how many parking spaces and entry points your lot will need. From there, you should then follow these tips to get your property ready for your new parking lot.

Run Tests on the Soil That Will Be Used to Support Your Parking Lot

The subgrade soil, which will sit underneath of your parking lot once paving is completed, needs to be strong enough to support both the construction equipment that will be used to pave your parking lot and the parking lot itself. If possible, you should schedule soil tests to make sure that it will be able to do the job. Any topsoil or low quality soil in the area should be removed, and if necessary, you should have a paving company use asphalt or other materials to strengthen your subgrade soil.

Remove Rocks, Plants, and Other Debris From the Area That Will Be Paved

Once you have determined that the subgrade soil is adequate, it’s time to clear the area of anything that could potentially harm your parking lot or the subgrade soil in the future. This means that rocks, stones, plants, and other debris should be removed from the area. You should then have the subgrade soil compacted and graded so that it’s level for parking lot construction.

Create a Plan for Proper Drainage

In addition to preparing your property so that your commercial pavers can install your new parking lot, you will also need to come up with a plan for draining the parking lot. Map out where drains will go and how you will keep your subgrade soil as dry as possible during a storm. It will prevent damage to your parking lot in the future. Of course a commercial paving contractor in Atlanta can come up with this design for you with your input.