FAQs About Pavement Milling

You can’t fix a parking lot in Atlanta by simply putting down a new layer over the damaged asphalt or concrete. Milling removes damaged or dangerous sections of the pavement so the whole surface can be entirely redone. This process can reduce the chances of accidents and injuries once your asphalt paving has been redone in a way that is responsible for the environment, and it makes the parking lot a bit more comfortable to drive over. If you need new asphalt paving to repair your parking lot, here are the answers to some FAQs about pavement milling.

How does it impact safety?

Covering up a problem with your asphalt paving without actually fixing it will only lead to more problems in the future. First, your paving contractor needs to remove the parts that were problematic in the first place. Laying down new pavement over the problem area isn’t enough, but once the section of the parking lot or road has been milled, it can be repaved safely. This leaves you with smooth pavement that won’t damage your customers’ vehicles or trip up your patrons as they walk through your lot.

Is it an environmentally friendly practice?

We need to use sustainable practices if we’re going to make the world a better place for future generations, and milling is an example of an environmentally friendly paving method. Milling removes damaged areas of the parking lot, road, or other paved area. The material that is removed isn’t sent to a landfill, however. Instead, it’s crushed into aggregate so it can be used in other paving projects. Reusing these crushed aggregate materials lessens the demand for new, virgin materials, so it saves energy and helps protect the environment.

Does it make driving more comfortable?

If you’ve ever unexpectedly driven over a pothole while holding a cup of coffee, you know the frustration that comes afterwards. Pavement milling offers drivers a more comfortable drive, and the customers who park in your lot will appreciate the effort and upkeep. Joyrides are also more comfortable when you’re cruising down a properly milled and paved road.

Give Your Pavement a Fast and Effective Facelift with Eco-Blasting

Your property’s asphalt and concrete play an important part in the look and function of your walking and driving surfaces, so keeping them in good condition should be a priority. One simple way to give paving a like-new appearance is by having it professionally cleaned. For this reason, if you own property with paving in Atlanta, then there’s a good chance that you would benefit from eco-blasting services.

Eco-blasting is a pavement cleaning method that is gentle and quick, yet proven to be effective. The eco-blasting process will not damage your asphalt or concrete, but it will successfully remove residue, buildup, dirt, debris, and coatings that have accumulated on theses surfaces. Regularly cleaning your paving with eco-blasting can help keep your property looking attractive and well-maintained, and can also promote the integrity of your concrete and asphalt. Whether you have indoor or outdoor pavement that could use a fast and effective facelift, consider taking advantage of eco-blasting services.

Could Your Parking Lot Benefit from Wheel Stops?

When you are creating a new parking lot design for your commercial building, you will want to make sure that the layout of your parking lot provides your clients and employees with a safe and orderly parking experience. A concrete contractor that offers paving serving Atlanta can work with you to create the perfect parking lot for your commercial space. As you are paving your parking lot, you might want to consider incorporating wheel stops into your design. Let’s take a look at three benefits that wheel stops have to offer your parking lot.

Prevent Fender Benders

One of the main purposes of wheel stops is to make sure that drivers do not pull too far into your parking spaces. By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, wheel stops are able to prevent drivers from pulling through a parking space or attempting other risky maneuvers. After you have completed your wheel stop installation, you may notice that the number of fender benders in your parking lot decreases noticeably.

Help Control Traffic

If you run a successful commercial business, there is a good chance that your parking lot is crowded during peak hours of the day. To prevent traffic jams and other incidents in your parking lot, it is a good idea to install wheel stops. Wheel stops will help to guide the flow of traffic, and will prevent drivers from pulling into an oncoming lane or driving against a one-way aisle.

Improve Physical Appearance

Installing wheel stops is one great way to spruce up the overall look of your parking lot. When you work with a paving contractor to choose new wheel stops for your parking lot, you will be able to pick out materials and patterns that look great with your overall lot design. As a customer pulls into your parking lot for the very first time, he or she is sure to be impressed with the orderly look that is provided by your neat rows of wheel stops and pavement stripes.

Learn About the Building Process for Concrete Parking Lots

You probably see concrete parking lots everywhere, but you might never stop to wonder how they get there in the first place. Thanks to companies that specialize in concrete sealing and asphalt paving in Atlanta , we are able to drive across smooth, professionally paved parking lots. Watch this video to learn about the building process for concrete parking lots.

Before beginning the process of asphalt paving, you will need a subgrade to work with; this subgrade should be uniform and compacted to properly hold the cement. Your cement will then be mixed and laid on top of the soil. Once the cement has been laid out, your concrete contractor will outline the parking lot as well as any curbs, manhole covers, and other elements that might be present. The next step is to level the concrete and then dry the surface before coating the entire area with a curing compound.

Recognizing the Importance of Paint Striping for Your Lot

road striping atlanta, paving stripes atlanta Quality asphalt paving in Atlanta keeps your parking lot smooth, safe, and comfortable to drive over. These are not the only characteristics of a proper parking lot, however; your lot should also be organized, aesthetically appealing, and up to the relevant codes and regulations. Neat paint striping will allow you, your employees, and your patrons to enjoy these features, and the right concrete contractor can help you make it happen. Continue reading so you can recognize the importance of paint striping for your lot.

Keep Your Lot Organized

No matter how self-sufficient any one driver is, organization is crucial when people are forced to work together. Paint striping is the process of laying down lines that identify the borders of a parking space. It is due to paint striping that you do not see multiple cars trying to fit in one space; instead, you see a line of perfectly organized vehicles parked in their designated spots. The busier the parking lot, the more important paint striping becomes.

Improve Your Aesthetic Appeal

Brand new asphalt paving looks great, and it can even smell great. As much as it may generally appeal to the senses, however, without paint striping it is just a homogenous piece of concrete. A parking lot is designed to be practical and efficient for customers, patrons, and anyone who needs to leave their car for a moment, but it should also have a characteristic aesthetic appeal. Bright new paint striping contrasts the smooth asphalt paving for a satisfying and familiar aesthetic experience. The crossed lines of paint that make up a parking lot make for a sight that people can immediately recognize. If you have been finding your asphalt paving empty, consider seeking paint striping in Atlanta.

Stay Up to Code

Your parking lot must meet a few codes and regulations in order for it to be considered legal and compliant, and your paint striping has everything to do with them. Undersized parking space can lead to overflowing parking lots and fire hazards, so talk to your asphalt paving professional about meeting the necessary codes for your parking lot.

Eco-Blasting 101

asphalt road atlanta, asphalt construction atlanta, asphalt paving atlanta In order to keep your asphalt in top shape, you will need to have it cleaned once in a while. Removing debris and residue from your asphalt paving in Atlanta can be costly and wasteful, however, if you do not choose the right kind of service. At Blackjack Paving, we are happy to use special eco-blasting techniques to keep your pavement looking as nice and new as ever without causing the environment to suffer; it can even be done in a shorter timespan than alternatives. Keep reading if you are interested in taking a crash course in eco-blasting .

Regularly cleaning your asphalt is a great idea because it keeps your lot looking brand new and prevents the need for asphalt repair in the future. Eco-blasting is particularly advantageous thanks to the environmentally friendly methods that are used. This procedure is both safe and effective, and it does not take very long to complete. Your asphalt professional can use eco-blasting to eliminate just about any kind of residue that may have built up on your pavement over time. In addition to being friendlier towards the environment compared to alternatives, eco-blasting is also gentler and more protective of your concrete surfaces.

Make Your Mark with Paint Striping

A company offering asphalt paving in Atlanta can help you create a terrific parking lot for your commercial business. After your paving project has been completed, you may want to ask your paving contractor to assist you with paint striping services. Paint striping is a term that describes the techniques that are used to paint stall lines and other marks on a concrete surface. With carefully designed paint striping, you will be able to completely transform your asphalt surface. If you are considering paint striping for your parking lot, read on for a look at some essential tips to consider when preparing for this service. Painted Parking Lot

Prepare the Asphalt

One of the first steps of a paint striping procedure is to make sure that the surface of the asphalt is ready to accept the painted lines. Your paving contractor can use special tools and equipment to fully clean the surface of your parking lot. For example, a gas-powered blower can be used to clear off any dirt, branches, and other debris that may interfere with the painting process.

Fill Any Cracks

Along with preparing your asphalt with thorough cleaning, your paving contractor may also recommend that you take the time to fill in any cracks that may have appeared on the surface of your concrete. If you paint over a cracked surface, chances are that your striping may appear uneven after it has been placed. In addition, cracks in your asphalt could put your parking lot at risk of developing water damage and other serious issues.

Lay Out Your Striping

The final step of paint striping is to lay out your entire striping plan on the surface of your concrete. By laying out your striping in advance, you will have a better idea of whether your parking lot design will work in your particular space. With the help of paving contractors that provide services to your local area, you will be able to create the perfect striping design for your parking lot.

Tips for Choosing a Paving Contractor

atlanta paving, atlanta concrete When you are looking to hire a contractor who specializes in paving, you shouldn’t simply settle for the one who provides you with the lowest price. You want to hire a contractor with the experience and knowledge that it takes to successfully pave a new surface outside of your commercial property. Blackjack Paving is a reliable paving company in Atlanta that will meet and exceed all of your paving needs.

Before you hire a contractor to do paving, you should use the Internet to research different paving companies. Select several that provide the services you are looking for and ask them about projects they have done in the past that are similar to yours. Additionally, check to see that they are both licensed and insured to do surface paving. You should also check their references and speak with companies that have worked with them in the past. When you ultimately decide to work with a company like Blackjack Paving, we promise that you will enjoy your paving experience and that you will end up with the paved surface you want at a fair and reasonable price.