Qualities That Make a Parking Lot Great

A parking lot can have a significant impact on the look, safety, and convenience of a commercial area. If you’re a property owner and want to get your paved areas looking their best, then read on to learn about a few of the qualities that can make your parking lot in Atlanta a great one.

Plenty of Signage

Parking lots that are difficult to navigate can be both frustrating and dangerous for drivers. For this reason, any great parking lot will have signage that informs visitors of things like where to park and in which direction to drive. Examine your parking lot from a visitor’s perspective and consider whether it might benefit from things like additional stop, yield, speed limit, or no parking signs. Also, how clear are your parking lot’s markings? Is it easy to tell where one parking space ends and the next begins? If not, then consider giving the surface a facelift by hiring paint striping services.

A Smooth Surface

Whether it’s due to big potholes, little cracks, or a rough surface, paving that is anything other than smooth doesn’t make for a great parking lot. After all, employees don’t want to drive over holes that can damage their vehicles, and clients would rather not navigate around pavement cracks when finding the way to a building’s entrance. Also, while you may not think that a rough parking lot surface is a concern, it may be more unpleasant than you think for customers pushing shopping carts across it. If your parking lot isn’t smooth, then consider contacting your local paving company about your options for sealcoating, milling, and repair services.

A Clean Appearance

If it has been a while since you had your parking lot installed, then you may have forgotten how nice it once looked. A parking lot that has dark asphalt, clearly marked parking spaces, and a surface that is damage-free can help promote a professional image for a commercial property. If your parking lot looks nothing like it did when it was new, then consider taking advantage of paving maintenance services.

Answering Questions About Parking Lot Accessibility

Your parking lot needs to be as accessible as possible, and that doesn’t just mean it needs to be easy to access from the road. Accessible parking spaces make life easier for people with injuries or conditions that make it difficult to get around by themselves. This is something to consider when talking to your concrete contractor in Atlanta about paving a new parking lot. Most lots need a certain amount of accessible spaces, but some lots might not need any. Maintain your whole parking lot to prevent accidents, and read on for the answers to questions about parking lot accessibility.

How many accessible spaces are necessary?

The amount of accessible spaces required for each parking lot depends on the number of spaces in total. Up to a certain point, you need one accessible parking space for every 25 total spaces. After 100 spots, the ratio gradually changes. You also need van accessible parking spaces, but you never need more than 2 of them for your lot.

Do all lots need them?

Although the majority of parking lots are required to have accessible spaces, there are a couple of exceptions. These exceptions apply to lots that are only used for specific purposes and not open to the public. This could include lots that are designed to store police cars, school buses, or delivery trucks. Even if a parking lot falls into this category, however, it needs to provide accessible spaces if it is a publicly accessible lot. Impound lots are an example of a parking facility that may or may not be accessed by the public, depending on the case.

How should you maintain accessible spaces?

All parking lots need maintenance. Without it, they’ll eventually break down and require serious concrete repairs or new pavement entirely. It’s especially important to maintain accessible spaces, as well as the routes to and from the parking lot and building. Clear snow and ice to make a path as well as protect your concrete, and remove any leaves or debris buildup that could make it difficult to access the building.

How Korea Is Dealing with the Issue of Small Parking Spaces

Car trends change over time, as trends do, and parking lots in Atlanta need to change along with them. You don’t need to rip up the surface paving to make spaces more comfortable, but spacing the lines differently can be a big help. Watch this video to see how Korea is dealing with the issue of small parking spaces.

In past decades, cars were typically smaller and more compact than they are now. Today we are more likely to see large trucks and SUVs, which don’t fit into the old parking spaces as well. Korea’s parking spaces have been 2.3 meters for more than a quarter-century, but they’re expanding to 2.5 meters. This will give vehicles extra room to park, and it should reduce the occurrence of door dings. The operation will cost about 2.4 million won, and it will be applied to all newly constructed buildings as well.

FAQs About Parking Lot Design

Consciously, you may think of a parking lot in Atlanta as nothing more than a space for your car to wait in while you get your shopping done. However, people are attracted to things they find visually appealing, and a parking lot that looks beautiful tends to draw the eye in. Decide how big you want your parking spaces to be before you get to paint striping , and think about the benefits of sealcoating for your pavement. Here are the answers to some questions about parking lot design.

Is the aesthetic value important?

A parking lot needs to be nicely paved and maintained to avoid cracks, potholes, and other common dangers. Clean paving is also important because it maintains the lot’s aesthetic appeal. If your parking lot surrounds your building, it will be attached to your image. People driving by may notice a fresh coat of pavement, but a rickety, deteriorating parking lot could turn them off. In addition to the pavement, the paint striping should look clean and well-kept. This makes getting around the lot easier, and it shows that you care about your company’s curb appeal.

How big should the spaces be?

Parking lot spacing is something to consider if you want to avoid accidents and keep everything harmonious. Narrow spaces can make things difficult for people who drive bigger vehicles like pickup trucks and minivans, which leads to more door dings and disputes. Make sure you leave enough room between the lines for even larger vehicles to fit. A packed parking lot may mean that your business is flourishing, but it’s not great news for customers who get frustrated by overly cramped spaces.

Should I use sealcoating?

When you purchase an expensive item, you might spring for the warranty as well. Sealcoating is like a warranty in the sense that it will keep you comfortable and confident in your investment for a long time. It helps your asphalt resist rain, sunshine, and air, all of which could deteriorate your pavement. Sealcoating also keeps your asphalt looking new and vibrant, adding to its cosmetic appeal.

A Look at ADA Parking Lot Requirements

The ADA is designed to protect the rights of those with disabilities, and this includes making sure that parking lot paving serving Atlanta is in acceptable shape. Every paving company should understand the requirements, but you should, too. Watch this video for a look at ADA parking lot requirements.

The requirements that the ADA sets forth for parking lots are simple and straightforward, and they make sure that people with disabilities have fair access to public and communal areas. A handicap parking space must be at least 8 feet wide from the center of each parallel line. The paint that you use to create the space also needs to contrast with the shade of the pavement. An access aisle requires 5 additional feet if it’s next to a car-accessible space, and 8 feet if it’s next to a van-accessible space. The entire lot should be stable and slip-resistant.

Examining the Business Benefits of Parking Lot Repaving

Just like anywhere else, a parking lot in Atlanta won’t hold up forever, especially if it sees too much traffic and not enough maintenance. When you have your paving company repave your parking lot, you can expect to experience a real revival. Your business will look more cosmetically appealing and professional, which gives your brand a better name. Repaving also shows that you care about your customers’ safety, and it helps with drainage after a storm. Read ahead and examine the business benefits of parking lot repaving more closely.

Professional Appearance

When you lay out your business model, you’re probably not thinking about the connection between your brand and your parking lot. Eventually, you’ll come to understand how important of a consideration it really is. A newly paved lot stands to look cleaner, fresher, and more appealing than one that has been deteriorating for years. This tells passersby that your business cares about its appearance and is willing to put in the time and do the work to keep the property looking great. It also shows that you care about contributing to the curb appeal of other businesses in your area, and it sets a high standard at the same time.

Customer Safety

An old parking lot that’s suffered from years of exposure to the elements may be cracked and riddled with potholes. This is not a safe surface for people to drive or even walk on, which means it puts your customers in danger when they offer you their patronage. Repaving your lot does away with these problems, and it shows your customers that you care about their safety. It can also protect you from a potential lawsuit, as it minimizes the chances of injury on your property.

Enhanced Drainage

Exposure to water is bad for asphalt, but in most cases, it’s inevitable. You need to be able to drain your parking lot, and this is even more important if you have outdoor plants to water or live in a climate that gets heavy rains. Repaving gives you the opportunity to enhance your drainage and keep your asphalt dry.

How Safe Is Your Parking Lot?

When a customer arrives at your commercial building, he or she will need to be able to navigate your parking lot safely. With quality paving serving Atlanta, you will be able to rest assured that your asphalt surfaces are in quality condition for your clients and employees. In the event that your asphalt paving starts to show signs of wear and tear, you will need to set up repair services right away. To help you avoid an incident on your property, here is a look at signs that can tell you if you have a safe parking lot.

It has correct signage.

Motorists and pedestrians will rely on your parking lot signage to safely navigate throughout the space. If your parking lot does not have the correct signs, you may find that drivers become confused as they are driving and parking in your lot. Your parking lot should include directional signs, as well as stop signs in appropriate places. Crosswalks also need to be marked so that pedestrians can walk to their cars safely

It has properly installed wheel stops.

Wheel stops are the concrete barriers that prevent cars from pulling through to the other side of parking stalls. While not all parking lots contain wheel stops, you may find that a wheel stop installation improves the safety of your space. With wheel stops, you will be able to direct the flow of traffic and make sure that all motorists are traveling in a predictable direction.

It has quality pavement.

If your parking lot is full of holes, cracks, and other forms of pavement damage, a motorist could easily damage his or her vehicle. Rather than letting your asphalt continue to deteriorate and become more unsafe throughout the years, you can improve your parking lot safety with asphalt repair services. During your asphalt repairs, a team of pavement contractors will fill in your potholes, repair your cracks, and restore the smooth surface of your parking lot.

Could Your Parking Lot Benefit from Wheel Stops?

When you are creating a new parking lot design for your commercial building, you will want to make sure that the layout of your parking lot provides your clients and employees with a safe and orderly parking experience. A concrete contractor that offers paving serving Atlanta can work with you to create the perfect parking lot for your commercial space. As you are paving your parking lot, you might want to consider incorporating wheel stops into your design. Let’s take a look at three benefits that wheel stops have to offer your parking lot.

Prevent Fender Benders

One of the main purposes of wheel stops is to make sure that drivers do not pull too far into your parking spaces. By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, wheel stops are able to prevent drivers from pulling through a parking space or attempting other risky maneuvers. After you have completed your wheel stop installation, you may notice that the number of fender benders in your parking lot decreases noticeably.

Help Control Traffic

If you run a successful commercial business, there is a good chance that your parking lot is crowded during peak hours of the day. To prevent traffic jams and other incidents in your parking lot, it is a good idea to install wheel stops. Wheel stops will help to guide the flow of traffic, and will prevent drivers from pulling into an oncoming lane or driving against a one-way aisle.

Improve Physical Appearance

Installing wheel stops is one great way to spruce up the overall look of your parking lot. When you work with a paving contractor to choose new wheel stops for your parking lot, you will be able to pick out materials and patterns that look great with your overall lot design. As a customer pulls into your parking lot for the very first time, he or she is sure to be impressed with the orderly look that is provided by your neat rows of wheel stops and pavement stripes.

Essential Features for Improving Parking Lot Safety

When you are building a new commercial structure, it is essential to provide adequate parking for your customers and employees. Today’s parking lot designs are able to maximize the number of parking stalls that are available, while also helping to prevent fender benders and other incidents. A company that offers paving serving Atlanta can provide you with sealcoating, paint striping, and other services that will help you ensure that your parking lot is safe for all of its users. To help you plan ahead for your paving services, here is a look at some essential features that can be used to improve parking lot safety.

Smooth Asphalt

One of the most important features of any parking lot is smooth asphalt that has been properly installed and maintained. If the asphalt in your parking lot is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, drivers may be in danger of damaging their vehicles. In order to maintain the condition of your asphalt over time, you may want to hire a paving company to sealcoat your parking lot at regular intervals.

Properly Defined Lines

To ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely in your parking lot, it is important to make sure that your parking stalls and other painted features are properly defined. Without the right types of markings, a driver could end up experiencing a collision while he or she is navigating your parking lot. Since parking lot paint can fade over time, it may be necessary to touch up your lines and arrows after a few years.

Spacious Parking Stalls and Driving Lanes

Your paving company can work with you to help make sure that your parking lot promotes a safe driving experience for every driver that enters your facility. If lanes and stalls are too cramped, it may not be possible for cars to negotiate these tight spaces. When your business starts to expand, you may also want to extend your parking lot with expert paving services.

Increasing Parking Lot Safety with the Right Signage

Do you need signs for your parking lot in Atlanta ? If so, then you are probably aware of how important it is to ensure the safety of people who use it. In addition to keeping up with paving maintenance, asphalt repair, and concrete sealing, having the proper signage is an important aspect of being responsible for a parking lot.

Signage plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of any area used by vehicles. Depending on the specifics of your lot, different signs may be necessary to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely. Stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs can be particularly beneficial in a parking lot, and one way or no parking signs can also be useful.

Sometimes, however, generic signs like these aren’t sufficient. If your parking lot has unique needs regarding signage, then consider working with a company that provides custom signs. This type of service is an ideal way to have the signs that you need to keep your parking lot safe.