A Look at ADA Parking Lot Requirements

The ADA is designed to protect the rights of those with disabilities, and this includes making sure that parking lot paving serving Atlanta is in acceptable shape. Every paving company should understand the requirements, but you should, too. Watch this video for a look at ADA parking lot requirements.

The requirements that the ADA sets forth for parking lots are simple and straightforward, and they make sure that people with disabilities have fair access to public and communal areas. A handicap parking space must be at least 8 feet wide from the center of each parallel line. The paint that you use to create the space also needs to contrast with the shade of the pavement. An access aisle requires 5 additional feet if it’s next to a car-accessible space, and 8 feet if it’s next to a van-accessible space. The entire lot should be stable and slip-resistant.

Examining the Business Benefits of Parking Lot Repaving

Just like anywhere else, a parking lot in Atlanta won’t hold up forever, especially if it sees too much traffic and not enough maintenance. When you have your paving company repave your parking lot, you can expect to experience a real revival. Your business will look more cosmetically appealing and professional, which gives your brand a better name. Repaving also shows that you care about your customers’ safety, and it helps with drainage after a storm. Read ahead and examine the business benefits of parking lot repaving more closely.

Professional Appearance

When you lay out your business model, you’re probably not thinking about the connection between your brand and your parking lot. Eventually, you’ll come to understand how important of a consideration it really is. A newly paved lot stands to look cleaner, fresher, and more appealing than one that has been deteriorating for years. This tells passersby that your business cares about its appearance and is willing to put in the time and do the work to keep the property looking great. It also shows that you care about contributing to the curb appeal of other businesses in your area, and it sets a high standard at the same time.

Customer Safety

An old parking lot that’s suffered from years of exposure to the elements may be cracked and riddled with potholes. This is not a safe surface for people to drive or even walk on, which means it puts your customers in danger when they offer you their patronage. Repaving your lot does away with these problems, and it shows your customers that you care about their safety. It can also protect you from a potential lawsuit, as it minimizes the chances of injury on your property.

Enhanced Drainage

Exposure to water is bad for asphalt, but in most cases, it’s inevitable. You need to be able to drain your parking lot, and this is even more important if you have outdoor plants to water or live in a climate that gets heavy rains. Repaving gives you the opportunity to enhance your drainage and keep your asphalt dry.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Parking Lot

Paving companies often receive inquiries about the importance of asphalt repair . If you own a parking lot in Atlanta as part of your commercial property, it’s essential to understand the need for ongoing maintenance. Keeping up with paving repairs and upkeep can provide many benefits for yourself, your employees, and your customers.

To Preserve Aesthetics

The appearance of a well-maintained parking lot compared to one that’s been left to degrade can make a drastic difference in the impression made by your property. When your lot is smooth, dark, and free of holes, cracks, and loose gravel, it can make the area look more polished and impressive for your clients and customers. Additionally, it’s easier to keep an even lot free of noisy and unattractive dirt, gravel, and other debris. Parking lots that undergo regular maintenance can retain a like-new appearance that contributes to the overall effect that your property has on its visitors and employees.

To Reduce Liability

While looks are important, keeping your parking lot safe should be a significant motivation for investing in maintenance. If the parking lot is affected by holes and cracks, it’s possible for an accident to occur that leaves an individual injured. To reduce your chances of being held responsible for these types of incidences, it’s important to keep up with asphalt repairs such as crack filling, patching, and pothole filling.

To Reduce Costs

Besides keeping your parking lot safe and attractive, maintaining your parking lot can save you on major repair or replacement costs in the future. By keeping up with consistent fillings, sealcoatings, and crack repairs, you can help ensure a longer lifespan for your asphalt. These services help to prevent heat, cold, water, gasoline, and more from penetrating the paving and affecting its strength and quality. If you’re concerned about the state of your commercial parking lot, speak with your local paving company to learn how they can help you keep your pavement in good condition.

How to Design Your Parking Lot

Creating a parking lot is among the most important steps of planning your commercial building design. With a properly designed parking lot, you can ensure that your business space is convenient and safe for your clients and employees. A company offering paving serving Atlanta can provide you with a beautiful new parking lot. From your paving estimate to sealcoating and more, your concrete contractor will be able to assist you with every step of creating your new parking lot. To help you get started on your installation, here is a look at some essential tips for designing your parking lot.

Consider Flow of Traffic

parking lot One of the first factors that you will need to consider when you are creating a parking lot design is how traffic will flow throughout the space. In order to ensure that both vehicles and pedestrians are able to travel safely through the lot, you may want to create a traffic flow that travels in a single direction. By controlling the flow of traffic, you can prevent congestion during busy times.

Evaluate Pedestrian Safety

Along with considering how traffic will flow throughout the parking lot, you should also evaluate the safety of pedestrians when they walk through the parking lot space. After a person exits his or her car, he or she should be able to safely and easily walk to a sidewalk or other path. Additionally, to enhance pedestrian safety, you may want to consider including crosswalks in your parking lot design.

Choose Appropriate Landscaping

Landscaping is an important element of any parking lot design. Not only will trees and other natural elements provide beauty and appeal to your parking lot, but your landscaping features can also be incorporated to help improve the overall flow of your parking lot. With the help of a paving contractor serving your local area, you will be able to create a safe, inviting, and functional parking lot for the needs of your business.

Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repair

parking lot atlanta, striping atlanta, paving atlanta You have enough to worry about as a business owner or property manager without worrying about your parking lot. But while there might be more important things that require your attention, that doesn’t mean an old, neglected parking lot should be at the bottom of your list of priorities. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to make sure your parking lot is in the best possible shape. For one thing, an ugly parking lot can deter new customers or clients from trying out your business. You might also get sued for any car damage that was reportedly due to the condition of your parking lot. But how do you know if your parking lot needs to be looked at by an asphalt repair company in Atlanta ? Look for these signs.

Cracks or Potholes

An obvious sign that your parking lot needs repair is the presence of multiple cracks and/or potholes in the asphalt. Depending on the size and location of these cracks or potholes, your pavement contractor can either patch the damage or will need to remove, re-base, and re-pave the damaged area with new asphalt. Not only will your parking look a lot better once these areas are fixed, but your employees and customers will appreciate the smooth feel of your parking lot.

Hard-to-See Parking Lot Striping

If your parking lot striping has faded and it’s difficult to see parking spaces and other directional lines, contact a pavement contractor in Atlanta to have your parking lot re-striped. In addition to beautifying your parking lot and making it look like new, fresh lines will also make your parking lot safer and easier to navigate.

Poor Lighting

Although it’s not technically a problem with the asphalt, poor lighting is a problem that requires the attention of a pavement company that specializes in parking lot repairs. Proper lighting, like signage and striping, will make your parking lot safer and easier to use. Good lighting can also serve as a criminal deterrent since well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted by vandalism and theft.