Get the Facts on Concrete, Cement, and Mortar

Concrete, cement, and mortar are often confused, but these surface paving materials are distinctly different from each other. When you’re paving your parking lot in Atlanta, you should be sure that you’re using the right materials. Watch this video to get the facts on concrete, cement, and mortar.

Cement is a powder, but it hardens when you add water to it. Portland cement is the most common, and it’s often used as an ingredient in mixtures like concrete. Cement, sand, and aggregate stone come together to form concrete, which is poured into its form while it’s wet. Then when it hardens, it becomes a durable surface that can take on impact and traffic. Mortar is a mixture of cement, lime, and sand, and it’s used alongside other building materials to keep them together. Mortar is a little softer than cement, so it allows for slight movement and flexibility.

Ways to Make Your Concrete Look Like New Again

As soon as your concrete contractor leaves the site, it’s your job to keep your pavement in shape. The professionals will still be available to help you, but you need to know when to call for assistance and have some idea of what services you’re looking for. Concrete repair near Atlanta will make your parking lot or sidewalk safer, and eco-blasting can bring its look back to life by removing grime from the surface. If your concrete is in particularly bad shape, then you might need to have it repaved. Here’s a closer look at some good ways to make your concrete look like new again.

Concrete Repair

As strong as it is, concrete isn’t invincible, and sometimes you’ll need your paving company to help you with concrete repair services. Tiny hairline fractures are not the biggest deal because they won’t ruin the look of your pavement or make it dangerous to walk or drive over. If you have large cracks or complete breakages in your concrete, however, you should look for concrete repair services right away. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less extensive the repair process will be. Call the experts once you notice that your concrete doesn’t quite look the way it used to.


Business owners should do their best to use environmentally friendly practices when they care for their concrete constructions. Eco-blasting is a lot like power washing in that it removes dirt and grime that have built up on the surface of your pavement without using harsh chemicals. It can also be used on asphalt and other strong surfaces in addition to concrete. This is an excellent way to clean off an entire parking lot as quickly as possible without harming the environment. It’s also a safe and gentle process, so it helps extend the lifespan of your investment.


If your concrete is completely broken down, then repaving may be your best bet. Your contractor will assess the damage and leave you with a new layer of concrete to restore your pavement to its original condition.

A Look at an Exciting Advance in Concrete Design

You’d think we already learned all there is to know about paving in Atlanta at this point, and yet there are still so many advances and innovations to look forward to. Your concrete contractor can now offer concrete that absorbs water, which offers advantages on every level. Watch this video on an exciting advance in concrete design.

Water has been a problem for concrete in the past, as it leads to cracks that expand over time. A new advance has given concrete the ability to harness this water. Absorbent concrete takes the water in on purpose. Much of it goes back into the groundwater through a porous upper level of concrete and an efficient drainage system. When there are heavy rains and floods, the concrete becomes a reservoir, eliminating puddles and reducing the effect of floods. The concrete will even be cooler during the summer, but it’s best for use in warmer climates.

Recognizing the Signs That Your Concrete Needs Repairs

Paving in Atlanta should last for a long time, but you can’t expect it to stay pristine forever. If it seems like your concrete isn’t holding up well, you should talk to your paving company about repairs. Start thinking about concrete repair if you notice cracks that you didn’t notice before, or if the cracks you knew about keep getting bigger. Pooling water is also harmful, especially if your concrete is already up there in age. Here’s a look at a few of the signs that your concrete needs repairs.

Presence of Cracks

Cracks will start to show up in your concrete eventually, but not all of them are cause for alarm. The key is in knowing the difference, so you can call your concrete repair professional for damage control. Your parking lot or other outdoor concrete construction will be exposed to the elements around the clock, for as long as its working life lasts. Take note of small cracks, and check on them regularly to see if they get any bigger. If they stay small, you might just need a quick touch-up. If they keep expanding, on the other hand, you may be due for concrete repair.

Pools of Water

Water is one of the elements that breaks your concrete down. It also fills in existing cracks and, if it freezes, will cause the cracks to expand. Pools of water indicate that your drainage isn’t set up as well as it could be, and your concrete will continue to pay the price until you address the problem. Puddles can also be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, and they don’t do any favors for your curb appeal. Call your paving professional to see what you can do about pooling water before the problem gets worse.

Aging Investments

It helps to have some idea of when your concrete was installed. Properly maintained concrete will last for years and years, but its working life will eventually come to an end. Stay ahead of your parking lot and know how to recognize the signs of aging so you can call for quick repairs.

A Look at Concrete’s Use in Ancient Rome

Asphalt paving can trace its roots back to ancient Rome. In this video, you will take a look at how the Romans used paving to create their roadways and cities. Over 2000 years ago, concrete was a key ingredient for creating the Pantheon, which is one of the largest concrete domes on the planet. A company that offers asphalt paving in Atlanta can help you build your modern masterpiece out of asphalt or concrete .

A reputable paving contractor can assist you with crackfilling or parking lot construction services. When you hire a team of experts to pour your asphalt, you will be able to create a smooth and durable surface that will withstand the tests of time.

How to Keep Your Concrete in Great Condition

Your concrete provides walking and driving surfaces for your property and can also enhance its appearance. If you want to make your pavement last, then continue reading to learn what concrete contractors in Atlanta would want you to know about keeping your concrete in great condition.

Clean Your Surfaces

Over time, it’s not unusual for debris and buildup to accumulate on paved surfaces, and this can affect the appearance of your concrete and affect its integrity. To help keep your pavement looking great and lasting long, consider having it professionally cleaned every so often. Eco-blasting, for example, is a gentle but effective method for removing coatings, residue, and buildup that’s accumulated on paved surfaces. Compared to other concrete cleaning methods, eco-blasting is quick, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Seal Your Concrete

Concrete sealing is a method of maintaining and protecting concrete that can help it look and wear like new. Sealing involves covering pavement with a coating that fills in voids on the surface to make it smoother, more attractive, and easier to keep clean year-round. Sealing can also make your concrete last longer by protecting it from water penetration and freeze/thaw cycles, as well as damage from oil and gas. Finally, this maintenance option can extend the life of your concrete and help prevent the need for repairs or resurfacing by protecting it from oxidation and UV rays.

Repair Your Pavement

Concrete is durable and versatile, but it’s not uncommon for it to deteriorate after years of use. For this reason, consider contacting a paving company about concrete repair if your old concrete has cracks or deteriorating areas. If your concrete is already damaged and showing signs of wear, then taking care of repairs sooner rather than later can help prevent the problem from worsening and leading to greater repair costs. Finally, concrete repair gives you the chance to enhance your concrete’s appearance through options like decorative saw cutting, concrete overlays, stamped patterning, chemical staining, and polishing.

See How Concrete Is Prepared for Road Paving

Countries around the world are continually paving and improving their roads. When you watch this video, you will take a look at the process of preparing concrete for the paving process. In order to prepare concrete, a paving contractor near Atlanta must carefully create the right mixture. After sourcing and measuring the concrete and asphalt materials, the concrete contractor will then mix them using special equipment.

If you are getting ready for a surface paving project, you will want to make sure that you hire an experienced pavement professional . With services from a company that specializes in concrete mixing and repair, you will be able to create a durable surface that is resistant to wear and tear.

Is Cement Different from Concrete?

When you are getting ready for asphalt paving in Atlanta , you may want to gather some information about the differences between cement and concrete. In this video, you will learn all about the differences between cement and concrete. Concrete is an inert material that is created from a mixture of sand, stones, and water. In order to become pavement, concrete must be mixed with cement. Cement is the binder that activates the concrete and provides it with strength.

Whether you are in need of a concrete estimate for a new construction site or your property needs concrete crack repair, you should always entrust your services to a team of experts. A contractor that offers paving services will be able to accurately assess your needs and provide you with the best available repair or installation procedures.

What’s the Difference Between Cement and Concrete?

When you are planning a project that involves paving serving Atlanta , you may have questions about the differences between cement and concrete. In this video, you will receive a detailed explanation of the differences between cement and concrete. Cement is the material that binds other aggregates and materials to one another. Concrete, by contrast, is the combination of cement, aggregate, and water. Whether you are constructing a parking lot or concrete sealing project, your Asphalt paving company will be using concrete to complete the job.

If you have additional questions about what kind of asphalt paving material will be best for your needs, be sure to contact a paving company that serves your local area. With expert paving advice and installation services, you can create a paved surface that will stand up to wear and tear.

Services That Can Restore the Look and Function of Your Concrete

Concrete is a highly durable material that is designed to withstand damage from moisture, UV radiation, and other elements. Even though concrete is extremely strong, there may come a time when your property requires concrete repair in Atlanta. Some of the most common forms of concrete crack repair include sealcoating, resurfacing, and staining. A concrete contractor can guide you through all of the different concrete repair options that are available for your surface. To help you gear up for your concrete contracting service, here is an overview of some services that can restore the look and function of your concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is one of the most popular repair options for concrete materials. With a concrete resurfacing procedure, you can restore the look and smooth finish of your concrete. During a concrete resurfacing service, your contractor will use specialized materials to fill in any chips and cracks that may have shown up in the concrete. After the damage has been filled, the surface of the concrete will be smoothed over.

Concrete Staining

If the surface of your concrete is essentially intact, but it is lacking a polished and finished look, you may want to consider concrete staining. With concrete staining, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your concrete. Different types of concrete stains can provide your concrete with the look of natural stone, tile, and other premium materials. A concrete contractor will be experienced in the art of creating beautiful concrete stain designs.

Concrete Sealing

Depending on the location and purpose of your concrete surface, you may also want to consider a concrete sealing procedure. Concrete sealing is used to provide a waterproof barrier on the surface of a concrete slab. If your concrete is exposed to high amounts of moisture or humidity, you may want to use concrete sealing to protect your concrete materials from getting damaged over time.