Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete Surfaces

In order to minimize concrete repairs, like cracks, warping, and expansion, it is essential to maintain your concrete surfaces. These different maintenance tips, such as cleaning up spills and clearing standing water, will keep your concrete surfaces in top shape for several years with minimal concrete repairs near Atlanta . Continue reading to learn more tips to maintain your concrete surfaces for many years to come.

Tip #1: Keep Water Away

One of the most damaging substances to concrete is standing water. If water stays on your concrete surface, and does not drain off sufficiently, it is likely to leave a stain or cause cracks in the concrete slab. There are a few different ways to combat the negative effects of water. The most important way is to ensure your concrete contractor allows for water runoff to flow away from your concrete surfaces. This will direct any water away from the surfaces and to a proper drainage site. If you ever notice standing water on your concrete floors or paved areas, then mop and dry it up as soon as possible.

Tip #2: Clean Concrete Surfaces Often

Even though concrete will resist staining, it is still a porous material that can absorb many different types of staining liquids, especially if it is not maintained regularly. In addition to regular concrete repair and maintenance, have a professional clean your concrete surfaces at least once a year. If there are noticeable spills, mold, or other staining products on your concrete, then clean it up immediately.

Tip #3: Seal Every 3-5 Years

It is essential to have your concrete surfaces sealed every few years. This sealant will help protect the concrete from absorbing stains, but it will also protect it from potential cracks, warping, expansion, and shrinkage. There are many types of concrete sealants available and different ways to apply them, so consult your concrete contractor to seal your concrete surfaces the next time sealing is required.