Signs That Your Asphalt Could Benefit from Repairs

Asphalt paving in Atlanta will last for years if you treat it right, but it’ll deteriorate if you don’t. If you understand what to look for and call your asphalt paving company for repairs quickly, you can avoid bigger and more expensive problems. Your parking lot won’t remain picture perfect forever, so you can expect some blemishes. On the other hand, deep cracks, poor drainage, and faded pavement should remind you to look for asphalt repair . Read on for signs that your asphalt could benefit from repairs.

Visible Cracks

You might see small cracks in your asphalt and think it’s no big deal, but you should take a closer look to see if you might need another paving job. If there are particular sections of your parking lot that you walk past every day and notice the cracks, chances are there’s a problem brewing. People tend to underestimate the potential of small cracks because they don’t really understand how asphalt paving works. If you don’t have your paving company fill these cracks and potholes in, they’ll fill up with water when it rains. Then, when the temperature changes and the water inside freezes and thaws, the cracks will be bigger. Call your professional to take care of these cracks so they don’t keep growing.

Drainage Problems

Moisture is a threat to asphalt and concrete, so drainage should be a number one priority. Your pavement should have an efficient drainage system in place so water either moves away from the lot or into the system. It’s not just moisture that seeps into the cracks that presents a problem—moisture can also affect the binding agents in the asphalt. You may need repairs if you find puddles left behind on your pavement after rainstorms.

Stains and Fading

Cracks, potholes, and puddles can be dangerous and inconvenient for patrons, so fixing them is key to their safety. However, you also want your lot to look nice. If yours has lost its appeal and is starting to look faded or stained, asphalt repair can bring it back to life.

Protect Your Asphalt from Oil and Gas Spills with Sealcoating

Asphalt is a petroleum product, and when petroleum distillates like oil and gasoline land on an asphalt surface, they can dissolve some of the chemicals in the pavement. It’s because of this that oil and gas spills can damage, erode, and weaken the asphalt surfaces that they land on. Luckily, there is a way that you can help extend the life of your property’s asphalt paving in Atlanta, called sealcoating .

Ask any paving company, and they will tell you that sealcoating can be critical for preventing asphalt damage and making pavement last. The reason for this is that sealcoating fills in holes in pavement, which can help prevent liquids like gas and oil from seeping downward and causing asphalt deterioration. More specifically, the coal tars that are used to create sealcoating material are impervious to these liquids. For these reasons, adding sealcoat to your property’s asphalt is one of the best ways to extend the life of your paving.

Asphalt Paving Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Asphalt is a popular paving material due to its affordability, durability, and ease of application. However, some maintenance is required if you want to keep your asphalt paving in Atlanta looking like new. Continue reading to learn a few of the maintenance mistakes to avoid when it comes to caring for asphalt.

Foregoing Sealcoating

When water gets into your pavement, freezing and thawing can cause damage, and oil or gasoline that lands on asphalt can dissolve similar chemicals and lead to erosion. This is where sealcoating comes in. Sealcoating is a process of applying a protective coating to pavement, and it is an important step for anyone who wants their asphalt paving to look good and last long-term. Sealcoating works by seeping down into and filling up pores in pavement, which helps prevent liquids like water, gasoline, and oil from getting in and causing damage and deterioration. This pavement maintenance option also offers other benefits, for example, slowing oxidation that causes wear, protecting asphalt from cracks and pressure washing, making pavement easier to maintain, and helping asphalt look like new.

Delaying Repairs

Sealcoating helps protect asphalt from wear and damage. However, whether your pavement is sealcoated or not, you shouldn’t put off asphalt repair. One reason for this is that the longer you wait to fix the damage with services like crackfilling and pothole patching, the greater the problem may become. Furthermore, holes and cracks in your pavement can present a poor image of your property, cause damage to cars driving over them, and present a trip hazard for customers. For these reasons, you should avoid delaying asphalt repair for your property.

Skipping Milling

Finally, when it comes to giving new life to old pavement, asphalt milling is an option that should not be underestimated. Milling is a process that involves the removal of the upper section of a paved surface, and it can be a great option for asphalt that suffers from extensive wear or damage but retains some viable paving. If your paving is in poor condition, then consider maintaining and restoring it with milling.

How Sealcoating Protects Your Asphalt from Pressure Washing

Asphalt is an investment that will lose its appeal if it doesn’t get occasional maintenance, and it will ultimately deteriorate over time. Rain, water, and even air and sunlight can take a toll on your pavement, so what do you and your surface paving professionals do to protect your investment from damage? Additionally, how do you wash your asphalt if it’s prone to water damage? Sealcoating in Atlanta can strengthen your pavement against natural elements. Keep reading and find out how sealcoating protects your asphalt from pressure washing.

When you need to clean extensive grime off your fence or the siding of your house, your tool of choice may be a pressure washer. If you’re dealing with a buildup of dirt and debris on your asphalt, however, that might seem like a counterintuitive option. To clean and maintain the appearance of your asphalt without the risk of damaging it, consider sealcoating. This makes it more difficult for water to seep into your asphalt, so pressure washing can once again become a viable cleaning technique. Sealcoating also helps protect your asphalt from oil and gas spills, and it keeps your pavement looking fresh.

What You Should Know About Asphalt Paving and Repair

Asphalt surfaces offer durability, weather resistance, and stability. Whether you are building a new parking lot for your commercial building, or you are seeking a paved surface for a different type of commercial application, you may want to hire a paving contractor in Atlanta to provide you with asphalt paving services. A paving company will have the tools and materials needed to create a quality asphalt surface for your commercial building. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about asphalt paving and repair.

Asphalt paving is cost-effective.

As a commercial property owner, you are probably always looking for ways to reduce the overhead of your operations. You will be pleased to know that asphalt is an incredibly cost-effective material that is very affordable to install. Asphalt is also fully recyclable, so you can rest assured that you are making an eco-conscious choice for your property. If you are worried that a new paving project will be outside of your budget, now is the time to start pricing affordable asphalt options.

Asphalt paving is extremely safe.

When you install a new asphalt surface on your property, you can rest assured that your pavement will be incredibly safe for all types of commercial use. By design, asphalt is able to prevent skidding, even under wet conditions. A new asphalt paving project can also cut down on the amount of standing water that gathers around your commercial property after a heavy rain.

Asphalt paving can be easily repaired.

Throughout the seasons, your asphalt will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, you will be pleased to know that your asphalt contractors will be able to easily repair your paved surface and return it to pristine condition. Sealcoating, crack repair, and other services can be used to remove imperfections from the surface of an asphalt parking lot. For answers to your additional questions about asphalt, be sure to contact your local contractors.

See What Happens When Drivers Don’t Wait for Concrete to Set

When you’re driving along and you see wet asphalt paving in Atlanta , your first instinct is probably to avoid it. This is not always the case, and sometimes drivers cause serious damage and frustrations for concrete contractors. Watch this video on what happens when drivers don’t wait for concrete to set.

Concrete takes some time to set after it has been laid out. If it is disturbed before it finishes setting, these disturbances will be reflected in the finished product. When a driver decides to ignore barricades protecting an area of wet concrete and drive through it anyway, the town may need to do a significant amount of extra work to make up for the damage. Tire tracks will be left in the concrete, and they will still be there when the concrete finally does set. Since tires leave casts of themselves behind, these casts can be used to track down the vehicle.

Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

Concrete is highly regarded for its excellent durability and resistance to the elements. After you schedule asphalt paving in Atlanta , it will be your responsibility to make sure that your paved surfaces are properly maintained. A paving contractor can assist you with concrete sealing and other services that are designed to provide your paved areas with an extra layer of protection. Along with sealing and repairing your concrete or asphalt, you will need to keep it clean. Let’s review some important tips for maintaining the concrete and asphalt surfaces around your property.

Clean Surfaces Several Times a Year

While your concrete or asphalt surface may look as though it is impervious to dirt or water damage, it can actually deteriorate if it is not cleaned regularly. To maintain your pavement, you will want to get in the habit of cleaning your concrete or asphalt surfaces at least two or three times per year. Pressure washing the surface of your pavement is a great way to eliminate dirt, grime, and other types of debris.

Repair Cracks As Soon As They Appear

Cracks in your concrete or asphalt can be very unsightly. Along with marring the appearance of your paved surfaces, cracks can also ruin the structural integrity of your pavement. When you start to notice that your pavement is cracking, you will want to get ahold of your pavement contractor. An asphalt repair specialist will be able to seal the cracks and restore your pavement to pristine condition.

Consider Applying a Sealcoat

In order to maintain your concrete or asphalt properly, you might also want to consider applying a sealcoat to your paved surface. A sealcoat is a special material that can be poured directly onto the surface of a concrete or asphalt slab. Once the sealcoat has cured, the pavement will be completely resistant to water damage and abrasion. Sealcoating is a great way to make sure that your concrete or asphalt has the longest possible lifespan.

Understanding the Asphalt Paving Process

When you are getting ready for paving in Atlanta , there is a good chance that your contractor will use asphalt as your primary surface material. With its terrific durability and good looks, asphalt is a top choice for paving projects around the world. Whether you are paving a parking lot, sidewalk, or other commercial surface, your concrete contractor will be able to help you choose the right asphalt product for the job. If you are new to the surface paving process, read on to learn more about three essential steps that are required for any asphalt paving procedure.

Removal of Existing Materials

Many times, a new asphalt surface is used to repair existing pavement that is cracked or otherwise damaged. To create the proper foundation for the new asphalt installation, it is necessary to remove any existing materials that can no longer be used. Your contractor will rely on heavy machinery, such as saws and jackhammers, to carefully remove and haul away the old asphalt materials.

Preparation of the Sub-Base

Once the old asphalt has been cut away, your contractor will be ready to start preparing the sub-base. The sub-base is a layer of payment that allows the asphalt to safely adhere to its surface. Typically, a sub-base is constructed from gravel or other materials that allow for drainage. To ensure a good final result for the paved surface, the sub-base must be graded so that it is perfectly flat and ready to accept the asphalt.

Installation of the Asphalt

With the sub base in place, your contractor will be ready to finish the asphalt installation. Wet asphalt will be mixed and then poured through a paving machine. Your contractor will then use a heavy-duty roller to compact the asphalt and extend its durability. After the asphalt has been made perfectly flat, it will be left to completely harden. Once the asphalt is completely dry, it will be ready for use.

Answering Your Questions About Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is used to create commercial driveways, parking lots, and other essential structures. When you are preparing for asphalt paving serving Atlanta, you may want to gather essential information from your paving contractor. A concrete contractor that offers sealcoating and asphalt repair will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about how to install, maintain, and repair an asphalt surface. Read on for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about asphalt paving and maintenance.

What Are the Components of Asphalt?

Before you choose to pave your properly with asphalt, it is a good idea to learn more about what makes up this unique building material. Asphalt is crafted from aggregate materials that are bound together with cement or other binding agents. In order to create a smooth and uniform look, the asphalt ingredients are heated, mixed, and then poured. The final look of your asphalt surface will be dictated by the original composition of its aggregate materials and binders.

Why Should I Choose Asphalt Paving?

There are many distinct advantages to choosing asphalt paving for your property. Unlike other forms of pavement, asphalt is relatively easy and inexpensive to install. With a new asphalt surface, you are sure to enjoy smooth, even, and visually pleasing results. Due to the dark appearance of asphalt, this type of paving material is also an ideal candidate for pavement striping and parking lot lines. Asphalt is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled after it is no longer in use.

How Do I Maintain the Condition of My Asphalt?

Once your paving contractors have finished your asphalt installation, it will be up to you to make sure that your paved surface remains in good condition throughout the years and seasons. If you start to notice cracks and chips on the surface of your asphalt, it may be necessary to schedule crack filling services. Filling cracks and chips as soon as they appear will help to prevent them from spreading and causing further damage.

Reasons to Choose Asphalt Paving for Your Property

When you are seeking a paving solution for your property, you may want to consider scheduling asphalt paving services. Asphalt is a top choice for property owners due to its ability to stand up to heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, and other damaging forces. Whether you are planning on installing a parking lot, or are gearing up for a general surface paving project, a company that offers asphalt paving in Atlanta can assist you with every step of your installation. Here is a guide to some top reasons to choose asphalt paving for your property.

Terrific Cost Benefits

One of the best reasons to choose asphalt when you are paving your property is that this type of material can provide you with terrific cost benefits. After installation, an asphalt surface will last for 20 years before it needs significant repairs or replacement. Additionally, asphalt is typically less expensive to install than other types of concrete materials. By providing you with long lasting durability, asphalt is a terrific investment for your property.

Fantastic Curb Appeal

Along with being a great investment for your business, asphalt can also provide your property with great curb appeal. When you install a fresh asphalt driveway or parking lot, you will be sure to attract new customers. Fresh asphalt will give your property a clean, polished, and overall professional appearance. Regular sweeping and maintenance will keep your asphalt looking great for years in the future.

Great Environmental Benefits

If you are seeking a paving material that will help you go green, you may want to explore the environmental benefits of asphalt. Since asphalt is completely recyclable, it can be processed and reused after it is uninstalled on your property. Additionally, porous asphalt paving protects the environment by allowing water to run below its surface. After learning about these great benefits, you should be sure to set up an asphalt paving consultation with a contractor near you.