What Property Owners Should Know About Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt paving in Atlanta is known to last for years—as long as it’s properly maintained along the way. Your paving company will help get you started, but from there you’ll have to stick to your own maintenance schedule. The worst thing you can do for your asphalt is leave it alone and expect it to hold up against traffic, weather, and runoff water. Asphalt maintenance keeps your pavement looking its best, and sealcoating makes the process even easier. Be sure to care for your asphalt as often as it needs, and continue reading to learn about everything property owners should know about asphalt maintenance.

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Why You Need Asphalt Maintenance

You should look at your asphalt paving as a long-term investment. It has the potential to stand the test of time; it just needs some help getting there. Beautifully maintained asphalt is a much nicer sight to see than asphalt that has clearly been neglected, and the quality of your pavement can affect your business’s curb appeal in a big way. Maintaining your asphalt makes your parking lot more attractive to potential customers. Wash your pavement regularly to get rid of buildup from animal droppings, twigs, and litter.

How Sealcoating Helps

Sealcoating can make asphalt maintenance a whole lot easier. It seals the asphalt so moisture can’t seep in, which is a considerable help when it comes to cleaning your lot. Sealcoating prevents moisture from getting into the small cracks in your asphalt and turning them into bigger cracks.

When Asphalt Maintenance Should Happen

It’s never a good idea to wait too long to maintain your parking lot, so stick to a regular maintenance schedule. If you notice debris building up and taking away from the cosmetic look of your lot, then you may already be overdue for a cleaning. You can keep your asphalt looking its best by following a strict schedule and even maintaining it before you think you need to. If you’re not sure how frequently you should maintain your asphalt, think about how much traffic you experience or talk to your asphalt paving professionals for help.