What Is in Asphalt?

You see asphalt paving in Atlanta all the time whether you realize it or not, but you might not have stopped to think about what this durable material is made of. Understanding the pros and cons of your surface paving lets you stay ahead of problems by knowing what to expect and how to protect your investment. Check out this video and learn a little bit about what’s in asphalt.

Asphalt is a durable material that’s often used in parking lots and roadways, but most people don’t know what actually comprises this surface paving option. Asphalt is made up almost entirely of aggregates. Aggregates are crushed up pieces of stone, gravel, and sand that are left over from other projects. Asphalt also contains small amount of bitumen cement. The pros at the asphalt facility will heat the materials so they can be mixed together to create asphalt.