Signs That Your Asphalt Could Benefit from Repairs

Asphalt paving in Atlanta will last for years if you treat it right, but it’ll deteriorate if you don’t. If you understand what to look for and call your asphalt paving company for repairs quickly, you can avoid bigger and more expensive problems. Your parking lot won’t remain picture perfect forever, so you can expect some blemishes. On the other hand, deep cracks, poor drainage, and faded pavement should remind you to look for asphalt repair . Read on for signs that your asphalt could benefit from repairs.

Visible Cracks

You might see small cracks in your asphalt and think it’s no big deal, but you should take a closer look to see if you might need another paving job. If there are particular sections of your parking lot that you walk past every day and notice the cracks, chances are there’s a problem brewing. People tend to underestimate the potential of small cracks because they don’t really understand how asphalt paving works. If you don’t have your paving company fill these cracks and potholes in, they’ll fill up with water when it rains. Then, when the temperature changes and the water inside freezes and thaws, the cracks will be bigger. Call your professional to take care of these cracks so they don’t keep growing.

Drainage Problems

Moisture is a threat to asphalt and concrete, so drainage should be a number one priority. Your pavement should have an efficient drainage system in place so water either moves away from the lot or into the system. It’s not just moisture that seeps into the cracks that presents a problem—moisture can also affect the binding agents in the asphalt. You may need repairs if you find puddles left behind on your pavement after rainstorms.

Stains and Fading

Cracks, potholes, and puddles can be dangerous and inconvenient for patrons, so fixing them is key to their safety. However, you also want your lot to look nice. If yours has lost its appeal and is starting to look faded or stained, asphalt repair can bring it back to life.