Recognizing the Signs That Your Concrete Needs Repairs

Paving in Atlanta should last for a long time, but you can’t expect it to stay pristine forever. If it seems like your concrete isn’t holding up well, you should talk to your paving company about repairs. Start thinking about concrete repair if you notice cracks that you didn’t notice before, or if the cracks you knew about keep getting bigger. Pooling water is also harmful, especially if your concrete is already up there in age. Here’s a look at a few of the signs that your concrete needs repairs.

Presence of Cracks

Cracks will start to show up in your concrete eventually, but not all of them are cause for alarm. The key is in knowing the difference, so you can call your concrete repair professional for damage control. Your parking lot or other outdoor concrete construction will be exposed to the elements around the clock, for as long as its working life lasts. Take note of small cracks, and check on them regularly to see if they get any bigger. If they stay small, you might just need a quick touch-up. If they keep expanding, on the other hand, you may be due for concrete repair.

Pools of Water

Water is one of the elements that breaks your concrete down. It also fills in existing cracks and, if it freezes, will cause the cracks to expand. Pools of water indicate that your drainage isn’t set up as well as it could be, and your concrete will continue to pay the price until you address the problem. Puddles can also be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, and they don’t do any favors for your curb appeal. Call your paving professional to see what you can do about pooling water before the problem gets worse.

Aging Investments

It helps to have some idea of when your concrete was installed. Properly maintained concrete will last for years and years, but its working life will eventually come to an end. Stay ahead of your parking lot and know how to recognize the signs of aging so you can call for quick repairs.