How Korea Is Dealing with the Issue of Small Parking Spaces

Car trends change over time, as trends do, and parking lots in Atlanta need to change along with them. You don’t need to rip up the surface paving to make spaces more comfortable, but spacing the lines differently can be a big help. Watch this video to see how Korea is dealing with the issue of small parking spaces.

In past decades, cars were typically smaller and more compact than they are now. Today we are more likely to see large trucks and SUVs, which don’t fit into the old parking spaces as well. Korea’s parking spaces have been 2.3 meters for more than a quarter-century, but they’re expanding to 2.5 meters. This will give vehicles extra room to park, and it should reduce the occurrence of door dings. The operation will cost about 2.4 million won, and it will be applied to all newly constructed buildings as well.