Answering Questions About Parking Lot Accessibility

Your parking lot needs to be as accessible as possible, and that doesn’t just mean it needs to be easy to access from the road. Accessible parking spaces make life easier for people with injuries or conditions that make it difficult to get around by themselves. This is something to consider when talking to your concrete contractor in Atlanta about paving a new parking lot. Most lots need a certain amount of accessible spaces, but some lots might not need any. Maintain your whole parking lot to prevent accidents, and read on for the answers to questions about parking lot accessibility.

How many accessible spaces are necessary?

The amount of accessible spaces required for each parking lot depends on the number of spaces in total. Up to a certain point, you need one accessible parking space for every 25 total spaces. After 100 spots, the ratio gradually changes. You also need van accessible parking spaces, but you never need more than 2 of them for your lot.

Do all lots need them?

Although the majority of parking lots are required to have accessible spaces, there are a couple of exceptions. These exceptions apply to lots that are only used for specific purposes and not open to the public. This could include lots that are designed to store police cars, school buses, or delivery trucks. Even if a parking lot falls into this category, however, it needs to provide accessible spaces if it is a publicly accessible lot. Impound lots are an example of a parking facility that may or may not be accessed by the public, depending on the case.

How should you maintain accessible spaces?

All parking lots need maintenance. Without it, they’ll eventually break down and require serious concrete repairs or new pavement entirely. It’s especially important to maintain accessible spaces, as well as the routes to and from the parking lot and building. Clear snow and ice to make a path as well as protect your concrete, and remove any leaves or debris buildup that could make it difficult to access the building.