• Could Your Parking Lot Benefit from Paint Striping?

    Even though people tend to be more cautious and drive at slower speeds when they’re going through a parking lot, accidents still happen. This is partially due to a lack of organization that confuses drivers. You can reduce the chances of accidents in your lot with the help of your concrete contractor in Atlanta. The paving professionals can offer paint striping to improve your parking lot’s organization and keep everyone on your property safe. Read ahead to see if your parking lot could benefit from paint striping.

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    Road rage isn’t just for the road. People get frustrated when they’re trying to find somewhere to park but can’t tell where the spaces are, and this could lead to an unhealthy competition between patrons. You can fix this problem and avoid disputes and accidents with paint striping. This service helps rejuvenate older parking lots and makes it as easy as possible for people to park. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing for the holidays and the influx of customer volume that you’ll experience. Since bright new paint stripes will contrast better with your concrete, the process should also increase your property’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Recognizing the Signs That Your Concrete Needs Repairs

    Paving in Atlanta should last for a long time, but you can’t expect it to stay pristine forever. If it seems like your concrete isn’t holding up well, you should talk to your paving company about repairs. Start thinking about concrete repair if you notice cracks that you didn’t notice before, or if the cracks you knew about keep getting bigger. Pooling water is also harmful, especially if your concrete is already up there in age. Here’s a look at a few of the signs that your concrete needs repairs.

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    Presence of Cracks

    Cracks will start to show up in your concrete eventually, but not all of them are cause for alarm. The key is in knowing the difference, so you can call your concrete repair professional for damage control. Your parking lot or other outdoor concrete construction will be exposed to the elements around the clock, for as long as its working life lasts. Take note of small cracks, and check on them regularly to see if they get any bigger. If they stay small, you might just need a quick touch-up. If they keep expanding, on the other hand, you may be due for concrete repair.

    Pools of Water

    Water is one of the elements that breaks your concrete down. It also fills in existing cracks and, if it freezes, will cause the cracks to expand. Pools of water indicate that your drainage isn’t set up as well as it could be, and your concrete will continue to pay the price until you address the problem. Puddles can also be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, and they don’t do any favors for your curb appeal. Call your paving professional to see what you can do about pooling water before the problem gets worse.

    Aging Investments

    It helps to have some idea of when your concrete was installed. Properly maintained concrete will last for years and years, but its working life will eventually come to an end. Stay ahead of your parking lot and know how to recognize the signs of aging so you can call for quick repairs.

  • Answering Questions About Parking Lot Accessibility

    Your parking lot needs to be as accessible as possible, and that doesn’t just mean it needs to be easy to access from the road. Accessible parking spaces make life easier for people with injuries or conditions that make it difficult to get around by themselves. This is something to consider when talking to your concrete contractor in Atlanta about paving a new parking lot. Most lots need a certain amount of accessible spaces, but some lots might not need any. Maintain your whole parking lot to prevent accidents, and read on for the answers to questions about parking lot accessibility.

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    How many accessible spaces are necessary?

    The amount of accessible spaces required for each parking lot depends on the number of spaces in total. Up to a certain point, you need one accessible parking space for every 25 total spaces. After 100 spots, the ratio gradually changes. You also need van accessible parking spaces, but you never need more than 2 of them for your lot.

    Do all lots need them?

    Although the majority of parking lots are required to have accessible spaces, there are a couple of exceptions. These exceptions apply to lots that are only used for specific purposes and not open to the public. This could include lots that are designed to store police cars, school buses, or delivery trucks. Even if a parking lot falls into this category, however, it needs to provide accessible spaces if it is a publicly accessible lot. Impound lots are an example of a parking facility that may or may not be accessed by the public, depending on the case.

    How should you maintain accessible spaces?

    All parking lots need maintenance. Without it, they’ll eventually break down and require serious concrete repairs or new pavement entirely. It’s especially important to maintain accessible spaces, as well as the routes to and from the parking lot and building. Clear snow and ice to make a path as well as protect your concrete, and remove any leaves or debris buildup that could make it difficult to access the building.

  • How Korea Is Dealing with the Issue of Small Parking Spaces

    Car trends change over time, as trends do, and parking lots in Atlanta need to change along with them. You don’t need to rip up the surface paving to make spaces more comfortable, but spacing the lines differently can be a big help. Watch this video to see how Korea is dealing with the issue of small parking spaces.

    In past decades, cars were typically smaller and more compact than they are now. Today we are more likely to see large trucks and SUVs, which don’t fit into the old parking spaces as well. Korea’s parking spaces have been 2.3 meters for more than a quarter-century, but they’re expanding to 2.5 meters. This will give vehicles extra room to park, and it should reduce the occurrence of door dings. The operation will cost about 2.4 million won, and it will be applied to all newly constructed buildings as well.

  • Spotlight on the Safety Advantages of Wheel Stops

    Quality paving in Atlanta is about safety as well as aesthetic appeal, and wheel stops can add to both . If you’re not paying as much attention as you should be when pulling into a parking space, a wheel stop will alert you when you’ve reached the edge. This helps for spaces that face each other and spaces that face your building. Paint striping can guide drivers, but wheel stops are physical obstacles that can be painted to catch your attention. Keep reading for some of the safety advantages of wheel stops.

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    Protecting the Building

    Can you imagine stocking a shelf while working at a retail store and seeing a car come through the window next to you? This is one of the problems that wheel stops can prevent, which is why it doesn’t happen too often. We sometimes forget how large and powerful our vehicles are. You don’t need to be going very fast to drive right through a window, so if you’re pulling up to a spot and your brakes suddenly go out, a wheel stop might save the day. This protects the building and anyone inside it as well as the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

    Reducing Car Collisions

    Parking lot driving rules aren’t necessarily the same as the rules on the road, so it helps to have a way to keep people organized. Wheel stops help guide drivers so they can navigate through the lot easily. This can make quite the difference during the holidays and other busy shopping seasons. Wheel stops truly shine when it comes to parking spaces that face each other. If you like to pull through a parking space to get yourself into the other lane without having to back into a spot, you’ll think twice if you know there’s a wheel stop, which helps to avoid head-on collisions.

    Adding Noticeable Obstacles

    Wheel stops are customizable, so you can make them as noticeable as possible. Paint them in bright colors or with black and yellow stripes so drivers notice them and adhere to them while they’re in your parking lot.