• When to Consider Sealcoating for Your Commercial Property

    Your commercial property should be appealing to anyone who lays eyes on it, from the building itself to the surface paving. Parking lots and garage floors are areas that some property owners tend to forget about, but this can be detrimental to the company’s success. That’s why you should look into sealcoating in Atlanta. Sealcoating protects your asphalt pavement so it can look better for a longer period of time. It will also help the pavement resist erosion, so it should be a long time before you have to replace or repair it. Read on to see if you should consider sealcoating for your commercial property .

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    When asphalt deteriorates, it loses some of its aesthetic appeal and may even cause injury. Your concrete contractor can provide you with sealcoating to keep your pavement together. One reason pavement is prone to deterioration is the elements. Rainwater seeps into the asphalt, sunlight beats down on it all day, and even air can affect the makeup of the pavement. Sealcoating bolsters your pavement and resists these factors. Broken-down asphalt, wheel tracks, and deterioration from regular wear and tear are all signs that your commercial property could use sealcoating.

  • FAQs About Parking Lot Design

    Consciously, you may think of a parking lot in Atlanta as nothing more than a space for your car to wait in while you get your shopping done. However, people are attracted to things they find visually appealing, and a parking lot that looks beautiful tends to draw the eye in. Decide how big you want your parking spaces to be before you get to paint striping , and think about the benefits of sealcoating for your pavement. Here are the answers to some questions about parking lot design.

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    Is the aesthetic value important?

    A parking lot needs to be nicely paved and maintained to avoid cracks, potholes, and other common dangers. Clean paving is also important because it maintains the lot’s aesthetic appeal. If your parking lot surrounds your building, it will be attached to your image. People driving by may notice a fresh coat of pavement, but a rickety, deteriorating parking lot could turn them off. In addition to the pavement, the paint striping should look clean and well-kept. This makes getting around the lot easier, and it shows that you care about your company’s curb appeal.

    How big should the spaces be?

    Parking lot spacing is something to consider if you want to avoid accidents and keep everything harmonious. Narrow spaces can make things difficult for people who drive bigger vehicles like pickup trucks and minivans, which leads to more door dings and disputes. Make sure you leave enough room between the lines for even larger vehicles to fit. A packed parking lot may mean that your business is flourishing, but it’s not great news for customers who get frustrated by overly cramped spaces.

    Should I use sealcoating?

    When you purchase an expensive item, you might spring for the warranty as well. Sealcoating is like a warranty in the sense that it will keep you comfortable and confident in your investment for a long time. It helps your asphalt resist rain, sunshine, and air, all of which could deteriorate your pavement. Sealcoating also keeps your asphalt looking new and vibrant, adding to its cosmetic appeal.

  • Why Milling Matters for Your Paved Surface

    It’s in your best interest to keep your asphalt in Atlanta in top shape for many reasons, from protecting your investment to keeping customers safe and avoiding a lawsuit. If your pavement isn’t doing its best anymore, you should talk to your contractor about replacing it. In many cases, milling helps ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. Milling is an environmentally-friendly practice and a good way of taking care of any problems in your asphalt, which makes the ride more comfortable. Here’s a closer look at why milling matters for your paved surface.

    Learn how milling matters for your paved surface.

    Go Green

    Getting on board with recycling is one of the primary components of going green, and the public tends to favor companies that make it a point to take care of the planet. When it comes to asphalt and pavement, milling is a great example of how you can go green. Milling pulls up the top layer of pavement so that a fresh, level layer can be built up on top of it. The materials that are pulled up during the process can then be crushed into an aggregate and used in other applications, meaning fewer new materials will need to be produced.

    Address Problems

    Recognizing that your parking lot isn’t in great shape anymore is the first step, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t address the problem. It can be easy enough to simply lay down a new coat of pavement, but it’s much better to look at the structural shortcomings and take care of them before repaving. This is where milling comes in. During the milling process, your asphalt professional will create an even surface to work on, which takes care of potholes and leveling problems. A level, smooth parking lot is much safer to cross than one that is rife with hazardous pavement.

    Keep Drivers Comfortable

    A road, parking lot, or other paved surface that’s milled before it’s paved tends to offer a nicer ride. Driving on a rocky, unbalanced road is uncomfortable, but milling makes sure the pavement is nice and smooth.