Signs That Your Pavement Would Benefit from Milling Services

When you install new pavement in Atlanta, you can expect your asphalt to last for decades before it needs to be replaced. If you have started to notice that your pavement is showing signs of excessive wear and tear, it may be time to talk to your paving contractor about the benefits of professional milling services. With pavement milling , your contractor can safely remove the damaged area of pavement and prepare your site for a new installation. Here is a look at common signs that pavement needs milling services:

Your Pavement is Causing a Safety Hazard

Very damaged pavement can create dangerous conditions for drivers. When a paved surface is extremely cracked or filled with numerous potholes, it may no longer be safe for vehicle traffic. If your damaged pavement has recently caused a traffic accident or other safety problem, you may be ready to set up milling service. With professional milling, your contractors can grind up the damaged portion of pavement and install brand new paving materials.

Your Pavement is Starting to Deteriorate

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to monitor the quality and condition of your paved parking lot and driveways at all times. If you notice that your pavement damage is starting to progress rapidly, you may need to set up milling services right away. Once pavement damage has developed to a certain degree, milling may be the only way to restore the affected area.

Your Pavement Needs to Be Replaced

Milling is an essential step during the pavement replacement process. Using high powered tools and equipment, your pavement contractors will safely pull out the section of pavement that is due for replacement. By eliminating the damaged stretch of pavement, milling makes it easy to pour fresh asphalt. If you are considering replacing some or all of your damaged pavement, be sure to talk to your pavement contractors about the benefits of professional milling services.