• How Sealcoating Protects Your Asphalt from Pressure Washing

    Asphalt is an investment that will lose its appeal if it doesn’t get occasional maintenance, and it will ultimately deteriorate over time. Rain, water, and even air and sunlight can take a toll on your pavement, so what do you and your surface paving professionals do to protect your investment from damage? Additionally, how do you wash your asphalt if it’s prone to water damage? Sealcoating in Atlanta can strengthen your pavement against natural elements. Keep reading and find out how sealcoating protects your asphalt from pressure washing.

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    When you need to clean extensive grime off your fence or the siding of your house, your tool of choice may be a pressure washer. If you’re dealing with a buildup of dirt and debris on your asphalt, however, that might seem like a counterintuitive option. To clean and maintain the appearance of your asphalt without the risk of damaging it, consider sealcoating. This makes it more difficult for water to seep into your asphalt, so pressure washing can once again become a viable cleaning technique. Sealcoating also helps protect your asphalt from oil and gas spills, and it keeps your pavement looking fresh.

  • A Look at ADA Parking Lot Requirements

    The ADA is designed to protect the rights of those with disabilities, and this includes making sure that parking lot paving serving Atlanta is in acceptable shape. Every paving company should understand the requirements, but you should, too. Watch this video for a look at ADA parking lot requirements.

    The requirements that the ADA sets forth for parking lots are simple and straightforward, and they make sure that people with disabilities have fair access to public and communal areas. A handicap parking space must be at least 8 feet wide from the center of each parallel line. The paint that you use to create the space also needs to contrast with the shade of the pavement. An access aisle requires 5 additional feet if it’s next to a car-accessible space, and 8 feet if it’s next to a van-accessible space. The entire lot should be stable and slip-resistant.

  • Why Asphalt Is a Smart Choice for Roads

    Asphalt paving is used to create roadways and highways across the nation. This video from Asphalt Institute highlights some of the fantastic benefits that are offered by asphalt paving. Due to its fast drying time and ease of installation, asphalt can be used to quickly pave roads during off-peak hours. A pavement contractor that offers asphalt repair near Atlanta can tell you more about the advantages that asphalt has to offer for your business.

    If you have decided that your commercial property needs new paving, be sure to trust your installation to an experienced concrete contractor. Your contractor will be able to pave your parking lot after business hours, which will limit disruptions to your daily work flow and routine schedule.

  • Examining the Business Benefits of Parking Lot Repaving

    Just like anywhere else, a parking lot in Atlanta won’t hold up forever, especially if it sees too much traffic and not enough maintenance. When you have your paving company repave your parking lot, you can expect to experience a real revival. Your business will look more cosmetically appealing and professional, which gives your brand a better name. Repaving also shows that you care about your customers’ safety, and it helps with drainage after a storm. Read ahead and examine the business benefits of parking lot repaving more closely.

    Business benefits of parking lot repaving.

    Professional Appearance

    When you lay out your business model, you’re probably not thinking about the connection between your brand and your parking lot. Eventually, you’ll come to understand how important of a consideration it really is. A newly paved lot stands to look cleaner, fresher, and more appealing than one that has been deteriorating for years. This tells passersby that your business cares about its appearance and is willing to put in the time and do the work to keep the property looking great. It also shows that you care about contributing to the curb appeal of other businesses in your area, and it sets a high standard at the same time.

    Customer Safety

    An old parking lot that’s suffered from years of exposure to the elements may be cracked and riddled with potholes. This is not a safe surface for people to drive or even walk on, which means it puts your customers in danger when they offer you their patronage. Repaving your lot does away with these problems, and it shows your customers that you care about their safety. It can also protect you from a potential lawsuit, as it minimizes the chances of injury on your property.

    Enhanced Drainage

    Exposure to water is bad for asphalt, but in most cases, it’s inevitable. You need to be able to drain your parking lot, and this is even more important if you have outdoor plants to water or live in a climate that gets heavy rains. Repaving gives you the opportunity to enhance your drainage and keep your asphalt dry.

  • Signs That Your Pavement Would Benefit from Milling Services

    When you install new pavement in Atlanta, you can expect your asphalt to last for decades before it needs to be replaced. If you have started to notice that your pavement is showing signs of excessive wear and tear, it may be time to talk to your paving contractor about the benefits of professional milling services. With pavement milling , your contractor can safely remove the damaged area of pavement and prepare your site for a new installation. Here is a look at common signs that pavement needs milling services:

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    Your Pavement is Causing a Safety Hazard

    Very damaged pavement can create dangerous conditions for drivers. When a paved surface is extremely cracked or filled with numerous potholes, it may no longer be safe for vehicle traffic. If your damaged pavement has recently caused a traffic accident or other safety problem, you may be ready to set up milling service. With professional milling, your contractors can grind up the damaged portion of pavement and install brand new paving materials.

    Your Pavement is Starting to Deteriorate

    As a property owner, it is your responsibility to monitor the quality and condition of your paved parking lot and driveways at all times. If you notice that your pavement damage is starting to progress rapidly, you may need to set up milling services right away. Once pavement damage has developed to a certain degree, milling may be the only way to restore the affected area.

    Your Pavement Needs to Be Replaced

    Milling is an essential step during the pavement replacement process. Using high powered tools and equipment, your pavement contractors will safely pull out the section of pavement that is due for replacement. By eliminating the damaged stretch of pavement, milling makes it easy to pour fresh asphalt. If you are considering replacing some or all of your damaged pavement, be sure to talk to your pavement contractors about the benefits of professional milling services.

  • Is Sealcoating Right for Your Property?

    Cracks, potholes, and chips are all problems that can easily affect your asphalt surface. When you are getting ready for asphalt repair near Atlanta, consider asking your paving contractor about the benefits of sealcoating . Sealcoating is a preventative service that can help to keep your asphalt looking fresh and new. When combined with crack-filling and other repair services, sealcoating can help to slow the process of asphalt deterioration.

    Asphalt paving process by Blackjack Paving in Atlanta.

    There are several signs that sealcoating may be the right choice for your property. If your asphalt has started to develop tiny cracks on its surface, sealcoating can fill in these damaged areas and restore the smooth surface of your asphalt. You may also want to schedule sealcoating when you start to notice that your asphalt is showing signs of fading. However, if your asphalt is extremely damaged or cracked, you may want to schedule repaving, rather than sealcoating. Your contractor can help you choose the best services for your property.