Improve Your Property’s Appeal with Asphalt Maintenance

If you take the time to trim your landscaping and wash your windows, you should also consider adding routine asphalt maintenance to your property maintenance schedule. A company that offers sealcoating and asphalt repair near Atlanta will be able to keep your paved surfaces looking their best. After your paving contractor has repaired your asphalt, the curb appeal of your property will be boosted significantly. Read ahead for a look at some asphalt maintenance services that can help to improve your property’s appeal:

Asphalt Repair

While asphalt is a very durable material, it can eventually start to break down due to routine wear and tear. Car traffic, harsh weather conditions, and other factors can create cracks, chips, and other types of damage on the surface of your asphalt. During an asphalt repair service, your contractor will fix any damage that may be affecting the durability and appearance of your paved surfaces. Routine repairs can also help to prevent cracks and potholes from appearing in the future.


Sealcoating is another essential asphalt maintenance service that you can set up with your pavement contractor. During a sealcoating appointment, your contractor will apply a durable layer of sealant directly to the surface of your asphalt. Once the sealcoat has dried, your asphalt’s natural black color will be restored. By repelling water and preventing structural damage, sealcoating can help your asphalt maintain a like-new appearance for many years to come.

Paint Striping

Paint striping allows your employees and customers to safely navigate the various sections of your parking lot and driveway. When asphalt paint ages, it will begin to fade or chip away. To improve the appearance of your asphalt and boost the curb appeal of your property, consider setting up fresh paint striping service. By painting over your existing paint stripes, you will provide your asphalt with a much-needed facelift. Paint striping is typically the final service that is performed after the initial asphalt repair or sealcoating processes are finished.