• Why Asphalt Is the Remedy for Road Age

    When it comes to paving in Atlanta , you may already know that asphalt provides a smooth, quiet surface on which to drive. If you’re planning to contact a paving company for surface repairs or replacement, then watch this video to learn why you should consider asphalt for your aging roads.

    Most roadways are designed to last between 20 and 50 years. As paving ages, it needs maintenance to prevent it from crumbling and deteriorating. Many of our roadways require repairs or repaving, and asphalt paving is the fastest and smartest fix for aging roads. Finally, smoother driving surfaces last 10 to 25% longer than rough and poorly maintained ones, and they also result in less wear and tear on vehicles and drivers, making asphalt an ideal remedy for road age.

  • Top Reasons to Sealcoat Your Property

    Over time, sun, air, and moisture can take a toll on your property’s paving and progressively weaken, damage, and erode its surfaces. If allowed to, these factors can reduce the thickness of your paving by as much as half. One way to help slow this process is through sealcoating , which can help delay the need for repairs and resurfacing. Continue reading to learn more about why you should take advantage of sealcoating in Atlanta.

    Take advantage of sealcoating in Atlanta with Blackjack Paving.

    Better Appearance

    The state of your property’s pavement can say a lot about its overall quality. To help keep your parking lot looking new, well-maintained, and attractive, you should consider contacting a paving company about sealcoating. Giving your pavement a facelift with sealcoating provides it with a dark color that makes it appear and wear like it’s new, as well as help your property project a positive image.

    Longer Lifespan

    Sealcoating is a process that fills in gaps and voids on the surface of your paving, and this can help protect your parking lot from UV rays and oxygen exposure, as well as reduce how deep gas and oil penetrate the material. Sealcoating also minimizes how much water can enter the pavement and can reduce the damaging effects of the freeze-and-thaw process and the contraction and expansion that it causes.

    Easier Maintenance

    One of the simplest ways to keep your property looking good is to ensure that your paved areas are maintained, and keeping their surfaces in good condition can make parking lot maintenance significantly simpler. Sealcoating fills in voids on the pavement’s surface, making it smoother and therefore easier to clean year-round.

    Increased Protection

    In hot weather, just a few gasoline drips from a vehicle parked in your lot can penetrate pavement, soften the material, and affect its integrity. Sealcoating is impervious to oil and gas spill, giving your pavement a layer of protection. Finally, investing in sealcoating before cleaning your pavement with pressure washing can protect it from the detergents and pressurized water that are used during the process.

  • Give Your Pavement a Fast and Effective Facelift with Eco-Blasting

    Your property’s asphalt and concrete play an important part in the look and function of your walking and driving surfaces, so keeping them in good condition should be a priority. One simple way to give paving a like-new appearance is by having it professionally cleaned. For this reason, if you own property with paving in Atlanta, then there’s a good chance that you would benefit from eco-blasting services.

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    Eco-blasting is a pavement cleaning method that is gentle and quick, yet proven to be effective. The eco-blasting process will not damage your asphalt or concrete, but it will successfully remove residue, buildup, dirt, debris, and coatings that have accumulated on theses surfaces. Regularly cleaning your paving with eco-blasting can help keep your property looking attractive and well-maintained, and can also promote the integrity of your concrete and asphalt. Whether you have indoor or outdoor pavement that could use a fast and effective facelift, consider taking advantage of eco-blasting services.

  • How to Keep Your Concrete in Great Condition

    Your concrete provides walking and driving surfaces for your property and can also enhance its appearance. If you want to make your pavement last, then continue reading to learn what concrete contractors in Atlanta would want you to know about keeping your concrete in great condition.

    Tips to keep your concrete in great condition.

    Clean Your Surfaces

    Over time, it’s not unusual for debris and buildup to accumulate on paved surfaces, and this can affect the appearance of your concrete and affect its integrity. To help keep your pavement looking great and lasting long, consider having it professionally cleaned every so often. Eco-blasting, for example, is a gentle but effective method for removing coatings, residue, and buildup that’s accumulated on paved surfaces. Compared to other concrete cleaning methods, eco-blasting is quick, safe, and environmentally friendly.

    Seal Your Concrete

    Concrete sealing is a method of maintaining and protecting concrete that can help it look and wear like new. Sealing involves covering pavement with a coating that fills in voids on the surface to make it smoother, more attractive, and easier to keep clean year-round. Sealing can also make your concrete last longer by protecting it from water penetration and freeze/thaw cycles, as well as damage from oil and gas. Finally, this maintenance option can extend the life of your concrete and help prevent the need for repairs or resurfacing by protecting it from oxidation and UV rays.

    Repair Your Pavement

    Concrete is durable and versatile, but it’s not uncommon for it to deteriorate after years of use. For this reason, consider contacting a paving company about concrete repair if your old concrete has cracks or deteriorating areas. If your concrete is already damaged and showing signs of wear, then taking care of repairs sooner rather than later can help prevent the problem from worsening and leading to greater repair costs. Finally, concrete repair gives you the chance to enhance your concrete’s appearance through options like decorative saw cutting, concrete overlays, stamped patterning, chemical staining, and polishing.