See What Happens When Drivers Don’t Wait for Concrete to Set

When you’re driving along and you see wet asphalt paving in Atlanta , your first instinct is probably to avoid it. This is not always the case, and sometimes drivers cause serious damage and frustrations for concrete contractors. Watch this video on what happens when drivers don’t wait for concrete to set.

Concrete takes some time to set after it has been laid out. If it is disturbed before it finishes setting, these disturbances will be reflected in the finished product. When a driver decides to ignore barricades protecting an area of wet concrete and drive through it anyway, the town may need to do a significant amount of extra work to make up for the damage. Tire tracks will be left in the concrete, and they will still be there when the concrete finally does set. Since tires leave casts of themselves behind, these casts can be used to track down the vehicle.