Parking Lot Design Tips for Business Owners

Your parking lot in Atlanta is part of your commercial property, and it’s one of the first aspects of your business that passersby notice. Your lot’s design dictates how easy it is to use it and whether it adds to or takes away from your curb appeal. Before you call your concrete contractor , you can start working on your design scheme. You should think about where your entrances and exits will go, how thick you want the concrete paving in your parking lot to be, and what you will do about any moisture that collects. Continue reading for parking lot design tips for business owners.

Here are some of the parking lot design tips for Atlanta business owners

Entrances and Exits

Your parking lot design should be aesthetically pleasing, but safety should always be the primary responsibility. When planning out your parking lot, take some time to think about where you’ll place your entrances and exits. Consider the traffic surrounding your business and think about which directions people will be coming from. Sometimes two-way exits are appropriate, while it makes more sense to have separate entrances and exits in others. If you’re designing a particularly large parking lot, you might need more than one of each in order to keep traffic organized and prevent accidents.

Thickness of Concrete

One aspect that some business owners fail to consider is concrete thickness. You will need to put some thought into this element if you want your parking lot to stand the test of time. If your asphalt paving company doesn’t lay down a thick enough coat of concrete, you might deal with cracks, potholes, and other blemishes. Think about the types and amounts of vehicles that you expect in your parking lot. If you’re designing a parking lot for a truck stop, go with thicker concrete.

Dealing with Moisture

An uncovered parking lot will collect moisture, so your design should account for a drainage system. Proper drainage is essential, and it’s even more important in certain climates and weather conditions. Work with your asphalt paving company to decide on the best way to remove water from the parking lot so you won’t have to deal with pooling.