What Every Property Owner Should Know About Paint Striping

When you create a new parking lot for your business, it is up to you to make sure that you provide your customers and other visitors with clearly designated stalls and routes around the facility. A paving company in Atlanta can assist you with paint striping and any other services that you need to complete your new parking lot design. By working with a certified asphalt paving company, you can rest assured that your paint stripes have been properly applied to the surface of your pavement. Read on for some essential information about paint striping your parking lot.

Paint Striping Increases Safety

One of the primary functions of paint striping in a parking lot is to increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Without clearly designated stalls and lanes, drivers will not know where to drive and park their vehicles. Paint striping plays an essential role in ensuring the overall safety and efficiency of your parking lot design. If your existing paint strips have worn away, now may be the time to consider touching them up.

Paint Striping Requires Special Application Procedures

In order to make sure that the paint striping adheres to the asphalt, it is necessary to use special procedures to apply the paint. Your contractors will start the striping process by coating the entire surface of the asphalt with a waterproof sealant. After the sealant has dried, your parking lot will be ready for your paint striping procedure.

Paint Striping Should Be Touched Up Regularly

Paint striping is a routine maintenance procedure that you will need to perform at regular intervals around your property. Typically, a fresh paint striping installation will last for about two years before it needs to be refreshed. If you start to notice that your lines are fading, you will want to schedule paint striping right away. Keeping your lines freshly painted will make your parking lot safer and more inviting to your guests.