Simplifying Asphalt Maintenance with Sealcoating

Asphalt paving is an extremely durable and affordable solution for your commercial driveway or parking lot. While asphalt paving is extremely durable, the unique chemical composition of asphalt makes this material susceptible to stains and other forms of damage. Fortunately, a concrete contractor that offers sealcoating in Atlanta can help you protect your pavement from damage over time. The sealcoating process creates a barrier of protection between your asphalt and the elements, which will help to cut back on your maintenance.

The sealcoating process by Blackjack Paving will help to cut back on your maintenance.

Whenever you install fresh asphalt on your commercial property, you will want to finish your installation procedure with a sealcoat application. A sealcoat is a special material that bonds to the surface of the asphalt. The dried final sealcoat on the pavement will be resistant to oil and grease stains, water damage, and fading due to sunlight. Overall, a new sealcoat installation will simplify your maintenance procedures and help your asphalt remain in better condition throughout the years and seasons.