When to Consider Thermoplastic Application

Thermoplastic application in Atlanta is an exceptional way to apply the various types of markings found on roads, parking lots, and countless other surfaces. It is an environmentally-safe and durable way of informing the public of different rules and regulations while on the road or elsewhere. If you are planning on paving an area or wishing to update a paved area, then here are some situations where you may consider using a thermoplastic application :

  • If there is a parking lot or road that is being updated, then a thermoplastic application may be necessary. The paving company can help determine if the current application will be disrupted and apply a new one, if necessary.
  • A parking lot or road’s current paint or thermoplastic application has faded past the point of recognition. This is the perfect time to use a new thermoplastic application that will last for many years.
  • There have been complaints or accidents due to low visibility of the current road markings. Thermoplastic application contains reflective glass beads in its makeup, meaning people are likelier to see important markings on the asphalt paving in front of them.

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