Recognizing the Importance of Paint Striping for Your Lot

road striping atlanta, paving stripes atlanta Quality asphalt paving in Atlanta keeps your parking lot smooth, safe, and comfortable to drive over. These are not the only characteristics of a proper parking lot, however; your lot should also be organized, aesthetically appealing, and up to the relevant codes and regulations. Neat paint striping will allow you, your employees, and your patrons to enjoy these features, and the right concrete contractor can help you make it happen. Continue reading so you can recognize the importance of paint striping for your lot.

Keep Your Lot Organized

No matter how self-sufficient any one driver is, organization is crucial when people are forced to work together. Paint striping is the process of laying down lines that identify the borders of a parking space. It is due to paint striping that you do not see multiple cars trying to fit in one space; instead, you see a line of perfectly organized vehicles parked in their designated spots. The busier the parking lot, the more important paint striping becomes.

Improve Your Aesthetic Appeal

Brand new asphalt paving looks great, and it can even smell great. As much as it may generally appeal to the senses, however, without paint striping it is just a homogenous piece of concrete. A parking lot is designed to be practical and efficient for customers, patrons, and anyone who needs to leave their car for a moment, but it should also have a characteristic aesthetic appeal. Bright new paint striping contrasts the smooth asphalt paving for a satisfying and familiar aesthetic experience. The crossed lines of paint that make up a parking lot make for a sight that people can immediately recognize. If you have been finding your asphalt paving empty, consider seeking paint striping in Atlanta.

Stay Up to Code

Your parking lot must meet a few codes and regulations in order for it to be considered legal and compliant, and your paint striping has everything to do with them. Undersized parking space can lead to overflowing parking lots and fire hazards, so talk to your asphalt paving professional about meeting the necessary codes for your parking lot.

Comparing Concrete and Asphalt [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you’re looking to cover a driveway, patio, sidewalk, or other surface, you’ll need to decide which material is right for your needs. Both asphalt and concrete can be great choices, depending on your budget, aesthetic goals, and expectations. Concrete usually has a higher upfront cost than asphalt, but the tradeoff is that concrete does not require as much maintenance over the years. If you do need concrete crack repair in Atlanta , make sure you work with the professionals, as it can be unsightly if done improperly. Asphalt is a flexible material that must be sealed on a routine basis, and adjusts to the climate it’s in to minimize cracks and holes. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about concrete and asphalt surfaces, and to decide which might be the best choice for you. Please share with your friends and neighbors. concrete paving atlanta, asphalt paving atlanta, concrete crack repair atlanta

Eco-Blasting 101

asphalt road atlanta, asphalt construction atlanta, asphalt paving atlanta In order to keep your asphalt in top shape, you will need to have it cleaned once in a while. Removing debris and residue from your asphalt paving in Atlanta can be costly and wasteful, however, if you do not choose the right kind of service. At Blackjack Paving, we are happy to use special eco-blasting techniques to keep your pavement looking as nice and new as ever without causing the environment to suffer; it can even be done in a shorter timespan than alternatives. Keep reading if you are interested in taking a crash course in eco-blasting .

Regularly cleaning your asphalt is a great idea because it keeps your lot looking brand new and prevents the need for asphalt repair in the future. Eco-blasting is particularly advantageous thanks to the environmentally friendly methods that are used. This procedure is both safe and effective, and it does not take very long to complete. Your asphalt professional can use eco-blasting to eliminate just about any kind of residue that may have built up on your pavement over time. In addition to being friendlier towards the environment compared to alternatives, eco-blasting is also gentler and more protective of your concrete surfaces.

Outfitting Your Lot with Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are an excellent way to improve the safety of your parking lot and are a popular service offered by paving companies. Besides making your property look better-maintained and more organized, they can also prevent some common parking lot problems. The installation of wheel stops serving Atlanta is an effective method for reducing parking lot accidents.

First, these structures can be installed around the edges of your paving to prevent cars from damaging buildings and drivers from pulling their cars too far forward and damaging the fenders. They are also smart to add to each parking space because they can help prevent cars from hitting each other in low-impact collisions. Finally, wheel stops assist with controlling the flow of traffic in your parking lot, forcing people to use the proper lanes for driving, rather than cutting across the lot. If you think that you could benefit from wheel stop installation, speak with your local paving company.

How to Hire a Concrete Contractor

Sidewalk maintenance is an essential part of keeping your walkways safe and attractive, but while searching for a contractor, you may be wondering what qualities to seek out. Watch this video for some tips to keep in mind during your hunt for a specialist in concrete repair in Atlanta.

Begin your search by comparing services, costs, and reviews of local concrete contractors. Next, narrow your choices down to a few companies, and request written estimates for the project. Finally, check the contractor’s references and ensure that their project estimates fall within your budget and timeline. At this point, you should be able to find a reputable contractor who can provide you with concrete repair services.