Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repair

parking lot atlanta, striping atlanta, paving atlanta You have enough to worry about as a business owner or property manager without worrying about your parking lot. But while there might be more important things that require your attention, that doesn’t mean an old, neglected parking lot should be at the bottom of your list of priorities. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons to make sure your parking lot is in the best possible shape. For one thing, an ugly parking lot can deter new customers or clients from trying out your business. You might also get sued for any car damage that was reportedly due to the condition of your parking lot. But how do you know if your parking lot needs to be looked at by an asphalt repair company in Atlanta ? Look for these signs.

Cracks or Potholes

An obvious sign that your parking lot needs repair is the presence of multiple cracks and/or potholes in the asphalt. Depending on the size and location of these cracks or potholes, your pavement contractor can either patch the damage or will need to remove, re-base, and re-pave the damaged area with new asphalt. Not only will your parking look a lot better once these areas are fixed, but your employees and customers will appreciate the smooth feel of your parking lot.

Hard-to-See Parking Lot Striping

If your parking lot striping has faded and it’s difficult to see parking spaces and other directional lines, contact a pavement contractor in Atlanta to have your parking lot re-striped. In addition to beautifying your parking lot and making it look like new, fresh lines will also make your parking lot safer and easier to navigate.

Poor Lighting

Although it’s not technically a problem with the asphalt, poor lighting is a problem that requires the attention of a pavement company that specializes in parking lot repairs. Proper lighting, like signage and striping, will make your parking lot safer and easier to use. Good lighting can also serve as a criminal deterrent since well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted by vandalism and theft.

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