The Benefits of Asphalt

asphalt paving atlanta, driveway atlanta When it comes to choosing a material for your surface pavement, it’s not like there are a world of options to choose from. Still, among the few choices you do have, asphalt is the clear winner. In addition to being very affordable, hot-mix asphalt is long lasting and easy to maintain. That’s part of the reason why asphalt is the surface pavement material of choice for commercial and industrial builders. Consider some of the other benefits of asphalt and get in touch with an asphalt paving contractor in Atlanta to discuss your pavement needs.

  • Extremely durable and weather-resistant with proper maintenance and sealcoating
  • A recyclable material that can be salvaged and used again in the event that you make any parking lot renovations or expansions
  • Installation is fast and the resulting surface is quick to dry, which minimizes downtime until your parking lot can be utilized
  • Asphalt looks the part thanks to its dark, attractive appearance that is the epitome of parking lots in America

Blackjack Paving at Work

For all your asphalt paving needs, Blackjack Paving is here to help. Whether you’re installing a new parking lot or need to update a sidewalk system or shipping and receiving area, no project is too big for our skilled asphalt paving contractors. Among our long list of satisfied clients is the City of Atlanta. If Blackjack Paving can serve the asphalt paving needs of the great City of Atlanta, you can be sure that our contractors can meet your needs as well. Watch this short video to see Blackjack Paving at work and get a taste of the quality work that has set us apart from other asphalt paving companies in the area.

Call Atlanta’s trusted asphalt paving company today to schedule a free estimate. We offer a large service area, and our contractors respond to your service request quickly. To learn more about our asphalt paving, repair, and restoration services, including sealcoating, paint striping, and wheel stop installation, call us at (678) 364-9696.

How Does Sealcoating Work?

seal coating in atlanta, driveway atlanta, paving atlanta Sealcoating is one of the most important elements of a beautiful and durable commercial asphalt parking lot. Although asphalt on its own is incredibly strong, it can become progressively weakened by sunlight, moisture, and other elements. That’s where asphalt sealcoating comes in. Sealcoating helps to maintain the properties of asphalt, and prolong its life, by providing an impenetrable and invisible barrier that protects asphalt from the deteriorating effects of the sun and moisture. So sealcoating is important for parking lots, but how does it work in the first place? Read on to find out.

What Sealcoating Does

As mentioned previously, sealcoating provides an impregnable barrier that protects the asphalt below from water, UV damage, motor oil, and other elements that can degrade your parking lot. Regular sealcoating can more than double the life of the asphalt it covers, saving you money on parking lot repairs and new asphalt installation down the line. However, it’s important to note that sealcoating will not compensate for pavement defects.

Materials Used in Sealcoat

Most sealcoating products are made from refined coal tar and fortified with emulsifying agents and additives that improve asphalt performance and durability. Commercial pavement sealcoats come in a liquid formula and is mixed with water, silica sand, polymers, and other fillers and solids to provide a slip-resistant texture for cars and passengers alike. An asphalt contractor in Atlanta can develop a custom sealcoat formula based on the size, condition, and purpose of your parking lot.

Benefits of Sealcoating

If you have a parking lot of any size, you can benefit greatly by having a paving contractor apply sealcoating to your asphalt parking lot. In addition to preventing oxidation and asphalt degradation due to water, gas, and oil penetration, sealcoating also provides a deep dark color that makes any parking lot look brand new. Sealcoating also provides a smooth and even texture that is easier to clean using a pressure washer or push broom, so you can spend less time and energy keeping your parking lot looking attractive.

How to Evaluate Concrete Damage

cracked concrete, damaged concrete, atlanta paving, atlanta concrete Damage to concrete should be repaired right away to avoid further problems down the line. But before you do concrete repair in Atlanta, you should inspect your damaged concrete and figure out the best way to go about fixing it. If you don’t do this, there’s a chance that you could hire a concrete contractor to make repairs only to suffer more damage in the future. Check out some tips for evaluating concrete damage below.

Assess How Much of the Concrete Is Damaged

Is the damage that has been done to your concrete in one specific area, or is it more widespread than that? The answer to this question will allow you to determine whether you should do concrete repair or replace the concrete altogether. If there is a small area of damage, it’s worth having it repaired, as long as you are able to determine the source of the damage. However, if you have a large crack that is going to get worse over time, you might be better off having a concrete company replace your concrete for you.

Figure Out Whether the Damage Extends Beyond the Surface

If your concrete looks damaged on the surface, it might not extend any deeper than that. This is an ideal situation, because a concrete contractor will likely be able to repair it for you quickly. However, if your damage extends deep down into the concrete, it could compromise the structural integrity of your concrete and force you to do extensive repairs. By figuring out how bad the damage is, you can come up with an effective plan of action.

Find the Source of the Damage

While age can certainly play a role in the condition of concrete, there is likely a problem that needs to be fixed if you have damaged concrete. To prevent that problem from causing further damage once you have had concrete repair done, you will need to pinpoint it and take care of it. It will ensure that your concrete surface will be strong once it’s repaired.