The Process of Asphalt Paving

asphalt paving atlanta, paving atlanta, seal coating atlanta If you are in the process of building a parking lot for a commercial property, you should consider using asphalt paving in Atlanta to do it. Hot mix asphalt has become very popular amongst commercial property owners because it’s durable, affordable, and very easy to maintain. By working with an asphalt paving company to install it, you can pave a parking lot quickly and start enjoying the benefits of it right away. Here is how you will need to go about doing asphalt paving.

Remove Old Asphalt or Concrete

Before you can install asphalt and create a new surface, you may be required to remove an old surface. You should work with a paving company that has the experience necessary to remove your old asphalt or concrete. Machinery and laborers will need to work diligently to rip up the old asphalt or concrete, and it will then need to be hauled off and disposed of properly. Or if you don’t already have an old surface in place, you will need to excavate the land the right way to prepare it for asphalt paving.

Prepare a Base for Your New Asphalt Surface

Once you have the area you plan on paving prepared, your paving company will grade it and come up with a drainage solution. You don’t want to allow water to sit on top of an asphalt surface for too long, so grading and drainage are very important. Additionally, your paving company will need to install a base to the area by putting down a combination of filter fabric and aggregate that will sit underneath your asphalt once you install it.

Complete Asphalt Paving

After your base has been laid down, it will be time for your paving company to install your new asphalt for you. Asphalt is installed by using a paving machine. The asphalt will then need to be compacted, leveled, and allowed to sit so that the asphalt cools down and eventually settles. Once it has settled, you will be able to start using your new asphalt surface.

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