Common Concrete Repair Materials

concrete repair atlanta, concrete paving atlanta Many business owners choose to install concrete walkways, patios, and floors within the confines of their commercial properties because concrete is very durable and stain resistant. Over time, though, concrete can start to look dull and unsightly as a result of cracks and other blemishes. Fortunately, you can have concrete repair in Atlanta done to eliminate these problems. Here are several of the most common materials that are used to do concrete crack repair.

Unmodified Cement Mortar

This is one of the most common concrete repair materials because it’s very affordable and easy to apply during the concrete repair process. All you need to do is mix it properly and apply it to a crack, and you will be able to repair it within just a matter of minutes. It’s not an ideal solution for large jobs, but if you need concrete repair completed on a small portion of concrete, this method will suffice.

Quick Setting Non-Shrink Cement Mortar

Do you have cracks in your concrete that have formed as a result of your concrete surface shrinking? If so, you should consider using a non-shrink grout, because it will form a solid bond with your old concrete and get rid of the cracks that are in it now. It won’t take long for this particular type of material to cure, but it will provide you with a good strong hold and the bond should last for a long time.

Latex Modified Cement Mortar

These days, a concrete company in Atlanta will often choose to use a concrete repair material that includes a polymer like latex in it. This makes it even stronger than your average unmodified cement mortar and also provides you with additional durability. The concrete company that you work with will be able to help you choose the right material for your specific concrete repair. They will then make the necessary repairs and leave you with a concrete surface that looks and feels like it’s brand new again.

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