The Benefits of Sealcoating Your Asphalt

Do you have an asphalt surface outside of your commercial property? To extend the life of it and protect it from the elements, you should consider doing sealcoating in Atlanta. Watch this video to see how sealcoating can be beneficial for you and your business.

When it gets hot during the summertime, the sun’s UV rays will beat down on your asphalt surface and cause it to fade and crack over time. Sealcoating will stop the UV rays from doing damage and maintain the overall integrity of your asphalt. Make sure you work with a paving company that is experienced with sealcoating, and you will not have to worry about running into any problems with your asphalt due to weather conditions. Sealcoating will also help you avoid stains that often set in when oil and gas spill on asphalt surfaces.

The Process of Asphalt Paving

asphalt paving atlanta, paving atlanta, seal coating atlanta If you are in the process of building a parking lot for a commercial property, you should consider using asphalt paving in Atlanta to do it. Hot mix asphalt has become very popular amongst commercial property owners because it’s durable, affordable, and very easy to maintain. By working with an asphalt paving company to install it, you can pave a parking lot quickly and start enjoying the benefits of it right away. Here is how you will need to go about doing asphalt paving.

Remove Old Asphalt or Concrete

Before you can install asphalt and create a new surface, you may be required to remove an old surface. You should work with a paving company that has the experience necessary to remove your old asphalt or concrete. Machinery and laborers will need to work diligently to rip up the old asphalt or concrete, and it will then need to be hauled off and disposed of properly. Or if you don’t already have an old surface in place, you will need to excavate the land the right way to prepare it for asphalt paving.

Prepare a Base for Your New Asphalt Surface

Once you have the area you plan on paving prepared, your paving company will grade it and come up with a drainage solution. You don’t want to allow water to sit on top of an asphalt surface for too long, so grading and drainage are very important. Additionally, your paving company will need to install a base to the area by putting down a combination of filter fabric and aggregate that will sit underneath your asphalt once you install it.

Complete Asphalt Paving

After your base has been laid down, it will be time for your paving company to install your new asphalt for you. Asphalt is installed by using a paving machine. The asphalt will then need to be compacted, leveled, and allowed to sit so that the asphalt cools down and eventually settles. Once it has settled, you will be able to start using your new asphalt surface.

Tips for Choosing a Paving Contractor

atlanta paving, atlanta concrete When you are looking to hire a contractor who specializes in paving, you shouldn’t simply settle for the one who provides you with the lowest price. You want to hire a contractor with the experience and knowledge that it takes to successfully pave a new surface outside of your commercial property. Blackjack Paving is a reliable paving company in Atlanta that will meet and exceed all of your paving needs.

Before you hire a contractor to do paving, you should use the Internet to research different paving companies. Select several that provide the services you are looking for and ask them about projects they have done in the past that are similar to yours. Additionally, check to see that they are both licensed and insured to do surface paving. You should also check their references and speak with companies that have worked with them in the past. When you ultimately decide to work with a company like Blackjack Paving, we promise that you will enjoy your paving experience and that you will end up with the paved surface you want at a fair and reasonable price.

Common Concrete Repair Materials

concrete repair atlanta, concrete paving atlanta Many business owners choose to install concrete walkways, patios, and floors within the confines of their commercial properties because concrete is very durable and stain resistant. Over time, though, concrete can start to look dull and unsightly as a result of cracks and other blemishes. Fortunately, you can have concrete repair in Atlanta done to eliminate these problems. Here are several of the most common materials that are used to do concrete crack repair.

Unmodified Cement Mortar

This is one of the most common concrete repair materials because it’s very affordable and easy to apply during the concrete repair process. All you need to do is mix it properly and apply it to a crack, and you will be able to repair it within just a matter of minutes. It’s not an ideal solution for large jobs, but if you need concrete repair completed on a small portion of concrete, this method will suffice.

Quick Setting Non-Shrink Cement Mortar

Do you have cracks in your concrete that have formed as a result of your concrete surface shrinking? If so, you should consider using a non-shrink grout, because it will form a solid bond with your old concrete and get rid of the cracks that are in it now. It won’t take long for this particular type of material to cure, but it will provide you with a good strong hold and the bond should last for a long time.

Latex Modified Cement Mortar

These days, a concrete company in Atlanta will often choose to use a concrete repair material that includes a polymer like latex in it. This makes it even stronger than your average unmodified cement mortar and also provides you with additional durability. The concrete company that you work with will be able to help you choose the right material for your specific concrete repair. They will then make the necessary repairs and leave you with a concrete surface that looks and feels like it’s brand new again.