The Differences Between Concrete and Asphalt

concrete, asphalt, blackjack paving, paving atlanta Some people use the terms concrete, asphalt, and even cement interchangeably, but it is important to realize that this is erroneous. A company that specializes in asphalt repair in Atlanta may be a concrete company as well, but the two are not necessarily tied together. In fact, there are many differences that separate the two, and understanding them can help you differentiate these materials. Feel free to continue on for a look at some of the differences between concrete and asphalt.

If you happen to trip and scrape your elbow on the sidewalk, you might not be so concerned with whether it’s made of concrete or asphalt. When it comes to working with these materials, however, it is important to understand the differences between them. Concrete is a material commonly used in building and construction, and it consists of a variety of materials including pebbles, sand, cement, and water. When this mixture of materials is cured, you are left with a tough, durable material that can be ideal for many construction projects. Like concrete, asphalt is another durable material that typically enjoys a long working life. However, asphalt is an organic material that can be distilled from petroleum.

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