Preparing for Parking Lot Installation

blackjack paving, parking lot paving, parking lot concrete Are you getting ready to install a parking lot outside of your commercial property? Before you do any paving in Atlanta , there are steps you will need to take to prepare your property. The first step you should take is to decide exactly where you want to put your parking lot and create a blueprint for it. Think about how many parking spaces and entry points your lot will need. From there, you should then follow these tips to get your property ready for your new parking lot.

Run Tests on the Soil That Will Be Used to Support Your Parking Lot

The subgrade soil, which will sit underneath of your parking lot once paving is completed, needs to be strong enough to support both the construction equipment that will be used to pave your parking lot and the parking lot itself. If possible, you should schedule soil tests to make sure that it will be able to do the job. Any topsoil or low quality soil in the area should be removed, and if necessary, you should have a paving company use asphalt or other materials to strengthen your subgrade soil.

Remove Rocks, Plants, and Other Debris From the Area That Will Be Paved

Once you have determined that the subgrade soil is adequate, it’s time to clear the area of anything that could potentially harm your parking lot or the subgrade soil in the future. This means that rocks, stones, plants, and other debris should be removed from the area. You should then have the subgrade soil compacted and graded so that it’s level for parking lot construction.

Create a Plan for Proper Drainage

In addition to preparing your property so that your commercial pavers can install your new parking lot, you will also need to come up with a plan for draining the parking lot. Map out where drains will go and how you will keep your subgrade soil as dry as possible during a storm. It will prevent damage to your parking lot in the future. Of course a commercial paving contractor in Atlanta can come up with this design for you with your input.

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