How Sealcoating Solves Pavement Woes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Asphalt paving has many advantages, but one of the biggest challenges of having asphalt is maintaining it. Because the surface of asphalt is porous, it is vulnerable to damage from everything from sun and moisture to oil and grease from cars. The good news is that there is a simple solution: sealcoating. Sealcoating makes the surface of asphalt less porous, so that it can withstand the elements and traffic it faces every day in your parking lot or on the highway. Sealcoating is also cost effective and costs up to 25 times less than replacing damaged pavement. Find out more about the benefits of sealcoating near Atlanta in this infographic from Blackjack Paving . Contact us for all of your surface paving needs, including new installations and maintenance, or simply call us out for a fast and easy estimate for your job. Please help others learn the advantages of sealcoating by sharing this information.

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