What’s in your Sealcoat?

As the weather becomes warmer and the trees become greener- it can only mean one thing, SUMMER! Well, that and sealcoating season of course! As the season comes in full swing and property parking lot budgets are arising from their winter slumber it’s time to ask this question- what’s a great product that will provide a preventative measure for my property AND make it look awesome?

The answer to that question, Blackjack can answer in one word- Polytar!

Polytar is a 100% refined RT-12 product, which means no asphalt emulsions- contrary to the industry standards “cold tar” sealer. It is also manufactured using a colloid process rather than batch, which leads to the product being better refined and longer lasting than sealer made using the batch process. Polytar also uses less water during the manufacturing process- which leads to better-controlled solids, along with contractors only having to add sand to the mix. The product tends to have better quality control than that of its counter parts- since the manufacturer controls the mix design. You are guaranteed the best product.

the best product this way.

Polytar allows expansion and contraction of asphalt, which allows for the property to sealcoated less often- usually 4-5 years compared to the average cold tar sealer’s 2-3 years. This can cut costs in the long run for the property. Polytar has even been known to last up the 5 years in medium to light traffic. Dang! It’s also twice as durable!

So, I’m sure you have another question- when am I calling Blackjack for my estimate on Polytar Sealcoat?

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