What 4 Factors are impacting the Cost of Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

Asphalt is a very affordable- cost effective way to keep your property in shape. If maintained correctly, asphalt pavement can last for decades.

asphalt repair

If you’re looking to pave- here are 4 factors that may impact the cost.

1. Mobilization- How far the asphalt plants are from the property is a big factor in an Asphalt Contractor’s cost. The further the plant- the higher the price- due to fuel and truck wear and tear.

2. Material type- Permaflex, binder, and topping can vary in location, where they are made- and cost due to their ingredients. This can also affect the mobilization.

3. Amounts- How much asphalt do you need? Chances are most plants will give a discounted rate for large amounts.

4. Market factors- Last but certainly not least, certain market factors can have a large impact on an Asphalt Contractor’s pricing. Oil prices going up means more fuel, which also can drive plant prices up.

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