How Much Do You Know About Asphalt Safety?

Asphalt paving is actually one of the most dangerous construction occupations. From the heavy, complex equipment- to the HOT asphalt, being an asphalt paver can be quite the daunting task.

Needless to say safety is number one in this profession- so how much do you know about what it takes to be safe?


One of the factors of asphalt safety is trucking. Workers have to make sure before each shift that trucks are running smoothly and contain all the required equipment. Most importantly, they report if anything is missing or broken.

As for paving equipment, never leave any vehicle or machine unattended- and make sure to stay alert at all times. Any vehicle filled with hot asphalt needs extra attention, watching to make sure where you are standing at all times to prevent burns.
In some cases, asphalt workers are close to traffic, in which case spotters and flaggers are needed to help with traffic control. Workers are also required to wear safety gear, such as bright colors and reflective vests.

Other precautions taken are 2 way radio communication, watching out for fellow workers, reporting any unsafe work environments, and paying attention to state codes.

I feel safer already, how about you!

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