Atlanta Paving Process

Curious about what happens now that you’ve decided to pave your property? We can help answer your question!
The first step is to survey the area. During a property surveyal, a trained estimator visits the property to assess many things. They need to assess any damage that the property has, such as potholes, alligator cracks, and any fading that has possibly occurred over time. The estimator also has to look for factors such as water flow and the type of traffic the property endures. With all the information they gather, the estimator is able to put together an estimate with the best option for the customer and their property.
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After the estimate is sent out and comes back approved by the customer is when the real action begins. The work is scheduled and the crews are assembled. Once on the job the workers begin by doing any number of things. For instance, if the property needs to be leveled according to water flow, the crew will grade it accordingly. They can also remove existing asphalt or concrete and prepare in for replacement.
If there are cracks or potholes in the existing pavement, the crew will seal the cracks and make sure the surface is smooth and solid before placing the asphalt. concrete repair atlanta, asphalt paving atlanta, striping atlanta

Once the property is prepped for new pavement, the crews will lay down the required type of asphalt or concrete. This can range from a number of thicknesses and types; most common being a layer of “binding” asphalt followed by a layer of “finishing” asphalt.
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After placing the pavement, the crew compacts it with rollers. This ensures the asphalt will be strong and be able to handle traffic flow and weather.

The property is then left to dry, and checked for quality.
Blackjack Paving then follows up with the customer making sure they are taken care of and satisfied with their beautiful new property!
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