What’s in your Sealcoat?

As the weather becomes warmer and the trees become greener- it can only mean one thing, SUMMER! Well, that and sealcoating season of course! As the season comes in full swing and property parking lot budgets are arising from their winter slumber it’s time to ask this question- what’s a great product that will provide a preventative measure for my property AND make it look awesome?

The answer to that question, Blackjack can answer in one word- Polytar!

Polytar is a 100% refined RT-12 product, which means no asphalt emulsions- contrary to the industry standards “cold tar” sealer. It is also manufactured using a colloid process rather than batch, which leads to the product being better refined and longer lasting than sealer made using the batch process. Polytar also uses less water during the manufacturing process- which leads to better-controlled solids, along with contractors only having to add sand to the mix. The product tends to have better quality control than that of its counter parts- since the manufacturer controls the mix design. You are guaranteed the best product.

the best product this way.

Polytar allows expansion and contraction of asphalt, which allows for the property to sealcoated less often- usually 4-5 years compared to the average cold tar sealer’s 2-3 years. This can cut costs in the long run for the property. Polytar has even been known to last up the 5 years in medium to light traffic. Dang! It’s also twice as durable!

So, I’m sure you have another question- when am I calling Blackjack for my estimate on Polytar Sealcoat?

Happy Birthday Jay!!

We’re going a little off our usual topics this Friday, to wish one of our very own a happy birthday!

Jay Herzog-President of Blackjack is ringing in another year, and who better to share it with than his loyal office family. Jay has been with Blackjack since its establishment in 2008, and has had the joy of watching us expand to our small but mighty team.

We celebrated with a Longhorn lunch here in Peachtree City, Georgia- where Jay got to enjoy his special ice cream dessert! Yum!

Tonight he gets to celebrate with family and friends, followed by a concert Saturday night- what a lucky guy!

How Much Do You Know About Asphalt Safety?

Asphalt paving is actually one of the most dangerous construction occupations. From the heavy, complex equipment- to the HOT asphalt, being an asphalt paver can be quite the daunting task.

Needless to say safety is number one in this profession- so how much do you know about what it takes to be safe?


One of the factors of asphalt safety is trucking. Workers have to make sure before each shift that trucks are running smoothly and contain all the required equipment. Most importantly, they report if anything is missing or broken.

As for paving equipment, never leave any vehicle or machine unattended- and make sure to stay alert at all times. Any vehicle filled with hot asphalt needs extra attention, watching to make sure where you are standing at all times to prevent burns.
In some cases, asphalt workers are close to traffic, in which case spotters and flaggers are needed to help with traffic control. Workers are also required to wear safety gear, such as bright colors and reflective vests.

Other precautions taken are 2 way radio communication, watching out for fellow workers, reporting any unsafe work environments, and paying attention to state codes.

I feel safer already, how about you!

What 4 Factors are impacting the Cost of Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

Asphalt is a very affordable- cost effective way to keep your property in shape. If maintained correctly, asphalt pavement can last for decades.

asphalt repair

If you’re looking to pave- here are 4 factors that may impact the cost.

1. Mobilization- How far the asphalt plants are from the property is a big factor in an Asphalt Contractor’s cost. The further the plant- the higher the price- due to fuel and truck wear and tear.

2. Material type- Permaflex, binder, and topping can vary in location, where they are made- and cost due to their ingredients. This can also affect the mobilization.

3. Amounts- How much asphalt do you need? Chances are most plants will give a discounted rate for large amounts.

4. Market factors- Last but certainly not least, certain market factors can have a large impact on an Asphalt Contractor’s pricing. Oil prices going up means more fuel, which also can drive plant prices up.

Does Your Property Need a Concrete Dumpster Pad?

Does your property have a dumpster? If you answered yes, keep reading!

A dumpster pad is essential to maintaining the area around your dumpster. Metal dumpsters and large trash trucks exert a large amount of force on the pavement and can create a lot of damages- which could lead to a lot of headaches for property owners. The good news is, there is a solution to this dumpster conundrum. A dumpster pad!

Dumpster pads extend approximately 10-15 feet outside of the actual dumpster itself. By doing this, the heavy trash trucks wheels can rest on the pad instead of the surrounding pavement. The pad is made of concrete with rebar or a wire mesh, which makes it much stronger than asphalt against the dumpster and trucks heavy weight. The concrete is also not as affected by the oils and hydraulic fluid leaked by the trucks.

www.gcaaafences.com/#!dumpsters/c20n7 www.gcaaafences.com/#!dumpsters/c20n7

To keep the pad strong, the foundation is compacted with up to 8 inches of crushed stone, which is then compacted, then concrete is poured to at least 6 inches thick.

This will keep the existing pavement around your dumpster- or dumpsters in better shape for much longer. Preventing costly repairs in the future.

Call us for a dumpster pad estimate today!

Are You Taking the Right Steps in Maintaining Your Parking Lot?

Asphalt is a bigger part of our everyday lives than we tend to realize. Have you REALLY stopped to think about how to maintain it?
Asphalt, made of rock, sand, and tar, is designed to flex, but also stay super strong under the pressures of traffic. However, after time asphalt tends to be beaten down by harsh weather, water, the sun, and long periods of heavy traffic. Under these conditions the asphalt tends to crack, develop potholes, and turn a grey “dried out” looking color.
This grey color is due to the asphalt oxidizing, when this happens, the best thing to do is seal it!
Sealcoating is absolutely essential to parking lot maintenance. Sealing the asphalt protects it from becoming brittle, cracking, and oxidizing and should be done every 2-4 years. This process is very easy- and should be considering top priority in asphalt maintenance because it will prevent costly repairs in the future.
Asphalt with a lot of cracks need a little bit of special attention. These cracks, even if small, need to be filled to prevent further damage. Cracks with weeds should be cleared first, as weeds have the same effect as ice on pavement. There are two types of crackfill-
Cold pour: This is used to fill smaller cracks, around ½” in width.
Hot pour: This is used to fill larger cracks- up to 1” in width.
Crackfill with help keep water and debris, and can help keep cracks sealed for up to 4 years.

You can keep your property looking good by doing little things too. Keeping the asphalt swept and clean of debris with not only keep it looking nice, but will prevent them from clogging drains- which causes water to pool and harm the asphalt. Clean any oil stains quickly, as they can be damaging as well.
Last but not least, keep your property safe and looking great by making sure to have your pavement re-striped whenever the paint starts looking faded.

Let Blackjack help you keep your property at its best. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Atlanta Paving Process

Curious about what happens now that you’ve decided to pave your property? We can help answer your question!
The first step is to survey the area. During a property surveyal, a trained estimator visits the property to assess many things. They need to assess any damage that the property has, such as potholes, alligator cracks, and any fading that has possibly occurred over time. The estimator also has to look for factors such as water flow and the type of traffic the property endures. With all the information they gather, the estimator is able to put together an estimate with the best option for the customer and their property.
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After the estimate is sent out and comes back approved by the customer is when the real action begins. The work is scheduled and the crews are assembled. Once on the job the workers begin by doing any number of things. For instance, if the property needs to be leveled according to water flow, the crew will grade it accordingly. They can also remove existing asphalt or concrete and prepare in for replacement.
If there are cracks or potholes in the existing pavement, the crew will seal the cracks and make sure the surface is smooth and solid before placing the asphalt. concrete repair atlanta, asphalt paving atlanta, striping atlanta

Once the property is prepped for new pavement, the crews will lay down the required type of asphalt or concrete. This can range from a number of thicknesses and types; most common being a layer of “binding” asphalt followed by a layer of “finishing” asphalt.
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After placing the pavement, the crew compacts it with rollers. This ensures the asphalt will be strong and be able to handle traffic flow and weather.

The property is then left to dry, and checked for quality.
Blackjack Paving then follows up with the customer making sure they are taken care of and satisfied with their beautiful new property!
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