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Parking Lot Wheel Stops

Protecting Vehicles, Structures, & Landscape

Wheel stops, also known as parking bumpers or parking blocks, are an effective tool to use in your parking lot. Having them in place can protect parked vehicles, buildings, landscaping, and other areas/structures that you wish to keep safe. One of the main benefits that wheel stops bring is giving other vehicles a warning if they are parking too far into a space, and can very effectively prevent "fender benders."

Some of the advantages of having wheel stops in your parking lot include: Parking Lot Wheel Stops

  • Preventing low-impact collisions from occurring
  • Controlling traffic in your parking lot
  • Helping your parking lot look organized and well-maintained

At Blackjack Paving, we can deliver and even install both concrete and rubber wheel stops in your parking lot. Protect the vehicles, building, and individuals at your location with this easy and effective solution. Request a free estimate or call us today at (678) 619-4366!

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