Blackjack Meets All Your Blacktop Needs in the Atlanta Area

Blackjack Paving is your one stop shop when it comes to blacktop surfaces. We offer a variety of services that will meet your every need.  Our services cover everything from crack fill and sealcoat to removing and replacing your entire blacktop surface. No matter what your needs are Blackjack will fix them. Whether your blacktop .. read more

Factors Affecting the Cost of Asphalt Paving in Atlanta

Before getting a quote for asphalt repair I’m sure you think to yourself, how much does asphalt paving cost. Determining the price for any asphalt work depends on many different factors. The main thing to remember is that no two jobs are the same. Each job is different in its own way. When visiting a .. read more

Should you Overlay or Remove and Replace your Asphalt?

When the time finally comes to address the asphalt repairs in your parking lot there is normally one big question everyone has. They always want to know if they should get an asphalt overlay or if they should remove and replace everything. The way to answer this question all depends on the quality of the .. read more

Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Asphalt Repair

No matter what industry your business is in summer is the perfect time for asphalt repair. Business is picking up with more people outside and on the move. The parking lot is getting more use which means that more people are looking at it. Customers should be impressed with the way in which the parking .. read more

Spruce Up Your Car Dealership Parking Lot

When it comes to a car dealership how their cars are presented is very important. All of the cars sit on either a concrete or asphalt parking lot. This parking lot can say a lot about your business. If the parking lot is run down, cracked, or just looks bad then it reflects poorly on .. read more

How Asphalt Can Help More than Just Your Parking Lot

When considering a new asphalt surface or an asphalt overlay, consider the other benefits received from this decision. Asphalt can help with energy savings, traffic relief and noise reduction. Vehicles that travel on smooth pavements consume up to 4.5 percent less fuel than when traveling on rough pavements. Less energy is consumed when building asphalt .. read more

Why Asphalt Pavement Maintenance is Important

No pavement has been constructed that does not need maintenance. Many community associations find out too late that proper maintenance could have prevented costly replacements. There are several basic forms of maintenance. Seal Coating Crack Sealing Patching A well planned and funded preventative maintenance program will minimize your lifetime parking lot costs. Allowing minor blemishes .. read more

Signs Your Asphalt Surface Needs Repaired

There are many things that lead to the deterioration of asphalt surfaces. These cause damage to not only the surface but the sub-base underneath. They also can be an eye sore and cause certain people to avoid spots in your parking lot. Asphalt repairs can fix these problems and be just the right thing your .. read more

Overlay – What does it mean for your Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt overlays provide many benefits compared to other pavement preservation products. Asphalt overlay is placed on top of existing asphalt as a cushion before the finishing asphalt is placed on top. When overlay is placed on top of existing asphalt paving the performance is expected to last ten years.  Asphalt overlay has many immediate benefits .. read more

Why is Asphalt Crack Fill Important in the Sealcoat Process?

Cracks in asphalt surfaces can cause major damage if not taken care of properly. These cracks although they may seem small are doing more damage under the surface than most people know. Filling these cracks before a sealcoat can increase the longevity of your asphalt surface while also making it more appealing to the eye. .. read more