Hire Highly Skilled Concrete Contractors

Any type of paving job requires the attention of highly skilled individuals, such as asphalt or concrete contractors. Many individuals opt to complete their paving job single – handedly, which is regularly a huge mistake that leads to the loss of money and a pavement that does not last as long as it ought to. .. read more

Sealcoating Asphalt Gets The Road Ready For Summer!

During the winter months, and especially in areas of the country where heavy rainfall, snow, and extreme temperatures are a regular occurrence, your asphalt paving usually takes a serious beating. As spring approaches and it is nearly time to enjoy some warmer climate, you have to consider certain maintenance work on your asphalt road, driveway, .. read more

Why You Should Maintain Your Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt paving projects happen all over the world on a daily basis, largely because asphalt is such a popular material to use for road, parking lot, and driveway surfaces, to name just a few. Unfortunately, not all these projects are very successful, because many people hire the wrong contractors to complete the paving job, which .. read more

Preping for Spring? See How Asphalt Pavers Can Help!

To prepare your asphalt driveway or any other asphalt concrete surface for spring should be a straight forward undertaking, especially if you hire an accomplished local contractor.  After the heavy winter months, especially in the regions where heavy snowfalls were the order of the day, it is even more important to prep your asphalt paving .. read more

Why Resurfacing Asphalt Is Needed

Asphalt is renowned and it is the number one paving material used all around the world. It is more durable, lasts much longer than other materials like concrete, for example, and it costs you less over time. Resurfacing asphalt is usually not on any person’s mind when it comes to asphalt paving, but this action .. read more

Minimize Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

To reduce the costs of any asphalt parking lot surface, you have to minimize the asphalt parking lot repair work required over its lifetime. The only way to achieve this is to perform frequent maintenance work and checkups on the surface. Should you be reluctant to do the above, it could lead to minor damages .. read more

Looking For An Atlanta Asphalt Contractor? Let us Help

No matter what type of asphalt paving project you plan to take on, it is always very important to search for and appoint a highly competent asphalt contractor. When you opt for asphalt as your primary surface material, you definitely want an expert to be in charge of the construction process, because if asphalt is .. read more

How Does The Weather Affect Asphalt Paving Construction?

Asphalt paving is affected not only by the heavy traffic loads it carries daily, but also by the varying temperatures and weather conditions that predominantly appear in the region where the surface is located. During positive temperatures, the asphalt concrete has the properties akin to that of a viscous-plastic substance, while it has the same .. read more

5 Places To Use Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt pavement is the preferred choice for various construction jobs today and although concrete has been used for similar applications over the years, asphalt paving offers a lot more advantages. Both concrete and asphalt is used to install and construct the following: – Parking lots for shopping centers, offices, hospitals, schools and more – Driveways .. read more

Putting A Little Pep In Your Atlanta Driveway

Do you know the toll that your driveway takes daily? It moves people in, it moves people out and does its duty without a lot of fanfare. But can a driveway be more? Your driveway marks the first impression a client, customer or vendor might have with your place of business and you want it .. read more