Extend Your Pavements Life, Call The Atlanta, GA Ashpalt Crack Sealing Experts

Atlanta asphalt crack sealingAsphalt Crack Sealing can extend the life of asphalt pavement. When surface water penetrates to the base layers of asphalt, roads begin to deteriorate, decreasing their structural capacity.

Sealing cracks early, with appropriate preparation methods, is the most cost effective way to maintain highways and parking lots.

• Cost effective
• Extends the life of your pavement
• Seals out water and prevents damage to the subgrade

Simply stated, sealing cracks and joints in pavements extends the service life of the surface treatment and the pavement.

Roads that have been crack sealed in Atlanta have better rideability five years later than other surface treatments, such as chip seals, micropaving, thin overlays and slurry seals. In five years these other treatments have come to the end of their life cycle. Roads and bridges that are crack sealed last longer than those that are not.

Crack Sealing prior to surface treatments enhances the treatment and further extends the pavement life. Crack sealing stands out as an economical maintenance technique. The overall success of pavement maintenance systems that include crack sealing, combined with the generally low cost, make crack sealing a desired maintenance program. Crack sealing provides the most cost-effective use of dollars over time compared to other pavement maintenance techniques.