Trusted Atlanta, GA Concrete Repair Contractor

atlanta concrete repairWe repair and replace concrete curbing, sidewalks, just about anything for our clients in the Atlanta metro area.  We also repair concrete floors and driveways. Nothing beats concrete for durability and good looks. Concrete is versatile, strong, stain-resistant and low-maintenance — perfect for residential and commercial applications.

Our professional services include:

Chemical Staining – Beautiful variegated colors are created through this process, which takes advantage of the reaction between applied chemicals and natural minerals in the concrete.

Stamped Patterning – This process transforms concrete by creating patterns that imitate stone, brick or tile.

Concrete Polishing – Using diamond grinding and polishing technology, we can create smooth, high-luster floor finishes ideal for a variety of residential and commercial areas.

Decorative Saw-Cutting – By making precision cuts across plain or decorative concrete, our craftsmen can add character and visual interest to any surface.

Concrete Overlays – Old concrete can look great again with restoration techniques that bring new life to existing surfaces, including pathways, pool decks and patios.