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Does Your Property Need a Concrete Dumpster Pad?

Does your property have a dumpster? If you answered yes, keep reading!

A dumpster pad is essential to maintaining the area around your dumpster. Metal dumpsters and large trash trucks exert a large amount of force on the pavement and can create a lot of damages- which could lead to a lot of headaches for property owners. The good news is, there is a solution to this dumpster conundrum. A dumpster pad!

Dumpster pads extend approximately 10-15 feet outside of the actual dumpster itself. By doing this, the heavy trash trucks wheels can rest on the pad instead of the surrounding pavement. The pad is made of concrete with rebar or a wire mesh, which makes it much stronger than asphalt against the dumpster and trucks heavy weight. The concrete is also not as affected by the oils and hydraulic fluid leaked by the trucks.!dumpsters/c20n7!dumpsters/c20n7

To keep the pad strong, the foundation is compacted with up to 8 inches of crushed stone, which is then compacted, then concrete is poured to at least 6 inches thick.

This will keep the existing pavement around your dumpster- or dumpsters in better shape for much longer. Preventing costly repairs in the future.

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