Installing an Asphalt Wheelchair Ramp for your Home

Which is the best choice for your home, aluminum, wooden, or asphalt wheelchair ramps.When your mobility is threatened, it has a tremendous impact on your feeling of independence.  Families often purchase wheelchairs to help preserve freedom of movement for a loved one.  When considering how to make a wheelchair function in your or a loved one’s life, however, it is important to select a wheelchair ramp that fits your situation.

Asphalt Ramps

An asphalt wheelchair ramp is an affordable ramp option that has increased in quality as newer gravel products have become available over the years. Installed correctly, asphalt ramps can last 20 or 30 years with very little maintenance.  It is important for customers searching for an asphalt contractor to select a reliable company that will prepare, lay, and compact asphalt according to best practices, or the asphalt will not last as long as it should.  Companies that do the job right prepare and level the sub-grade, including grating or removing large rocks or gravel.  After the preparation of the ground, experienced asphalt rakers lay hot asphalt in a thick layer.  While it’s still hot, the asphalt is compacted, creating a smooth and durable surface that gives you the accessibility you’re looking for.

Asphalt ramps are often overlooked as viable options, but many find installing an asphalt wheelchair ramp for their home is the attractive, affordable alternative they’re looking for.

Wooden Ramps:

Wooden deck ramps are nice looking and provide reliable support, but they are difficult to install without training, some woodworking materials, and specialized tools. Contractors installing wooden ramps prepare the installation area by removing existing handrails or plants to make room for your new ramp.  Once the area is prepared, woodworkers cut custom pieces, dig post holes, and construct your ramp.  Wooden ramps need to be maintained more than ramps made from other materials, and they can be slippery when wet, so they should be finished with traction material to allow access during rainy weather.  It is also important to consider that wooden ramps with boards set too far apart may provide a bumpy road to the front door.  As with asphalt work, finding a contractor familiar with ADA building codes is important.

Aluminum Modular Ramps

Aluminum modular ramps are sometimes more costly than other ramp options, but for some, they’re very convenient.  Modular ramps are delivered in pieces, so they require some assembly.  Once assembled, they last for years.  Modular ramps, with some effort, can be moved from place to place, so they’re a non-permanent option if you’re looking for a temporary solution.

Whatever ramp decision you make, find an installation company you can trust, and take advantage of the full accessibility a great wheelchair ramp can give you.

Brian Potter is the owner of HandyPro, an Atlanta home repair services company.  One of their specialties is Atlanta senior and handicap home modification.  HandyPro can modify any home to meet the special needs of aging adults or those people with handicaps which limit their mobility.  Call HandyPro today if you have any questions 404-965-0900.


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